8 Ring Electric Heated S/S Towel Rack 220.240V

8 Ring Electric Heated S/S Towel Rack 220.240V

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Stainless Steel Free Standing 9 Ring Electric Heated Towel Bathroom Warmer Rack

Bring the Luxury Back To Your Bathroom with these Trendy Towel Warmers

There is nothing like getting out of a nice shower or bath and wrapping yourself up in a soft, warm towel.

This freestanding 8 ring Electric Towel Rack mimics the power and versatility of professional-grade towel warmers without breaking the bank.

It is made from high-quality stainless steel and it has 8 heated crossbars which can be used to heat or dry multiple towels at once.

These warmers can be located in the bathroom, laundry, walk-in wardrobes or even to your bedroom if you don't have space for a wall mounted towel rail. You can get gentle drying power and warmth wherever it is needed.


Perfect for drying or warming damp towels, bathing suits, baby blankets and delicate garments
Portable Freestanding design
Waterproof on/off switch
Fast warm-up
8 square rack bars
SAA White Plug with Plastic Protection Cap
Material: Stainless steel
Bar Shape: Round curved
Product Colour: Silver
Voltage: 240-240V
Constant temperature between 50 - 65°C
IP Rating: IP45