Hand Towel Rack -- 3 Material Options  **Free Shipping**

Hand Towel Rack -- 3 Material Options **Free Shipping**

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Update the look of your bathroom space with a clean, modern, urban esthetic provided by this simple and bold, sturdy, attractive and functional wall-mounted hand towel rack. It's the perfect accessory to display your fluffiest small towel near your sink for yourself or your guests. Industrial steampunk design is incredibly versatile and makes a true loft statement or speaks perfect "farmhouse" or is right at home in your rustic villa or cabin re-dec -- regardless of whether you're in a city co-op, a cookie-cutter apartment or a suburban craftsman home! Assembled in the USA, we use quality materials to assure a long life of productive service in your home. Ours are NOT do-it-yourself products that must be cleaned or assembled by you! They arrive ready to mount including premium mounting anchors and screws! 

Product Info:

  • ½” black or galvanized industrial/rustic and black "furniture grade" plumbing pipe
  • All pipe material has been degreased to remove any manufacturing oils or debris
  • All pipe material has been “de-burred” to assure no remaining slivers of metal which might hurt you or harm your belongings
  • Each mounting flange position passes strict quality control to assure screw holes are aligned properly so you don’t have to struggle with screwdriver placement to mount the piece to the wall or other surface
  • Premium self-tapping anchors with color matched screws are provided or all-in-one screw anchors are provided – these will aggressively dig into both drywall and studs to assure the sturdiest mounting possible with the least noticeable mounting hardware.
  • Our furniture grade black pipe items are coated with a beautiful, smooth finish at the factory and are stunning as well as sleek!
  • Due to manufacturing differences, it is possible to have up to 3/8" variation in measurement of finished piece.
  • Approximate measurements:  7" x 3.5" (flange is 3")
  • Tools required for installation:  Phillips head screwdriver, level