DIY Hand Towel Rack or Toilet Paper Holder KIT   **Free Shipping**

DIY Hand Towel Rack or Toilet Paper Holder KIT **Free Shipping**

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This listing is for a kit of parts to assemble one of this item.

Save a little cash and have the satisfaction of doing a cool thing yourself! Update the look of your bathroom space with a clean, modern, urban esthetic provided by this simple and bold, sturdy, attractive and functional wall-mounted piece that can be a hand towel rack or a toilet paper roll holder. It's the perfect simple accessory for your bathroom.

Industrial steampunk design is incredibly versatile and makes a true loft statement or speaks perfect "farmhouse" or is right at home in your rustic villa or cabin re-dec -- regardless of whether you're in a city co-op, a cookie-cutter apartment or a suburban craftsman home! We supply quality materials to assure a long life of productive service in your home. Ours are NOT do-it-yourself products that must be cleaned or assembled by you! They arrive clean and ready to assemble in a short period of time! Note that mounting hardware is NOT included -- please determine which fasteners make the most sense in your situation. 

Product Info:

  • ½” black "furniture grade" plumbing pipe
  • All pipe material has been degreased to remove any manufacturing oils or debris
  • All pipe material has been “de-burred” to assure no remaining slivers of metal which might hurt you or harm your belongings
  • Our furniture grade black pipe items are coated with a beautiful, smooth finish at the factory and are stunning as well as sleek!
  • Approximate finished measurements:  7" x 3.5" (flange is 3")
  • Tools required:  Phillips head screwdriver; optional: level