15 Super Simple Ways to Organize Scarves

Let me share with you my favorite ways to organize your scarves and I bet you will be sporting your scarves more regularly in no time. Let’s put an end to the frustration with these handy tips on ways to organize your beautiful scarf collection. They will help you keep them neat and tidy whether they’re in your drawer, your closet, or on display in your room or dressing room.

15 examples to organize scarves

Easy Scarf Organization Ideas For Your Scarves That You Must Try

Picture this: You go into your closet (or wherever you keep your scarves) and they are a tangled, hot mess. Sound familiar? You can’t make any sense of them and decide you will just move on and not wear one at all. Ugh! That’s not okay!

Or maybe you find yourself saying, “I forgot I had this scarf!” because it got lost in the pile of stuff?

1. Organize Your Scarves With Items You Already Have At Home

Do you have some extra cardboard laying around that you have been meaning to recycle? Perfect! Cut your scrap cardboard pieces into tidy rectangles of any size and wrap your scarves around the cardboard to keep them organized and wrinkle-free in your drawers. Then take it a step further and group them by colors or patterns in order to quickly find that perfect one!

red colored scarves folded and lined upward in an open drawer

2. Wine Rack For Organizing Your Scarves

A wine rack for scarf storage? Now that’s just a genius idea! All you have to do is roll your scarves up into tidy cylinders, then match like colors together (if you want), and stack them neatly in the rack. You can place your wine rack on a countertop if it’s a smaller one or if it is a taller wine rack, place it in a corner of your dressing area. What a brilliant way to display your scarf collection!

scarves rolled up and stored in a wine rack


3. Organize Your Scarves With Shower Curtain Rings

Do you have an area next to the door that just needs that extra something? We found the perfect idea for that space. Store all of your go-to scarves on shower curtain rings for easy access when you are running out the door in a rush. Ya know, like every time you are exiting that door? I’m kidding. But on a serious note, then you can change them out every season so you can always have your favorite accessory in a flash. Depending on the size of the area, you can store many of your favorite scarves there.

three scarves hanging from shower curtain rings attached to an aqua blue wall

4. Tension Rods To Organize Your Scarves

We all use tension rods around the home and office for various reasons. Mostly to hang a towel or two or hang your shower curtain in the bathroom. But this creative gal used tension rods to create a scarf storage nook for her many, beautiful scarves. Now, how cool is this?! Also, anyone else jealous of her scarf collection? Just use a simple scarf loop knot to secure them to the tension rod and stagger the rods in order to see all your scarves in one glance. Now I think this is perfection!

several scarves looped around a tension rod

5. Zip Lines To Organize Your Scarves

Zip lines are a great way to hang many things. But how about a zip line from IKEA (you know the one) with some clips or shower curtain rings (or both!) to string your scarf collection together? It is the perfect solution for your scarves in just about any space, big or small. This will also ensure your silk scarves stay wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

scarves hanging on a zip line attached to a wall


6. Organize Your Scarves With Plastic Cups

The only thing we love better than organization ideas is a cheap organization idea. Yes, please! Most of us have a few plastic cups in our kitchen or pantry and if you don’t, buy some cheap plastic cups from your local dollar store to recreate this easy scarf storage system. You can make this storage system as big or small as you would like. Just keep adding cups until all of your scarves are on display. You can make any pattern with the cups too making it an interesting wall display.

scarves rolled up in plastic cups attached to the wall

7. Door Handles To Organize Your Scarves

How much do we love this stylish idea for storing scarves? Find a few handles at your local hardware store or thrift shop and install them on your closet wall or near your dressing vanity. Use as many handles as you would like, then simply knot your scarves around them for an easy display that not only is pleasing to the eye but allows you quick access to that favorite scarf your beloved grandmother gave you. And guys, this is perfect for your neckties too!

scarves and ties hanging on door handles attached to a wall

8. Towel Bars To Organize Your Scarves

Towel bars are not just for towels anymore. Most of us know this but did you ever think to use them in your closet to organize your accessories? Specifically, that gorgeous scarf collection? Simply install towel bars on the back of your closet door to hang your scarves and make the most of every inch of closet space. You will be surprised at how many scarves a towel bar can hold! We love the idea of taking up the whole wall space all the way to the ceiling to maximize your storage.

scarves looped around towel bars hanging on a closet wall

9. PVC Pipe To Organize Your Scarves

Do you have some extra PVC pipes handy in the garage? Well if you don’t, grab some of this inexpensive material from your local hardware store. Next, cut the PVC pipe into individual compartments that become excellent scarf holders. Use them as dividers in your drawers. Most standard-sized drawers can hold up to twenty-four of these perfect little organizers. This is also a great trick for a tie collection, too!

scarves rolled up and stored in a piece of pvc pipe in a drawer

10. Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Scarves

Over-the-door organizers have been getting new uses for a while now, but did you think to organize your scarf collection with this one as well? An over-the-door shoe organizer is one of the best ideas yet for organizing scarves. These can hold a large collection of scarves and with the clear plastic compartments, you can easily see all of your scarves at a glance. Double up your scarves as well in each compartment making room for more treasures from your retail therapy trips!

scarves rolled up in over the door shoe organizer

11. Soup Cans and Ribbon To Organize Your Scarves

This easy, super creative DIY scarf display was made out of recycled soup cans and ribbons! What a fabulous way to organize your scarves and reuse materials that usually find their way to the landfill. This one is so easy to make, too. If you have some empty soup cans, a hot glue gun, some ribbon, and fifteen minutes… voila! Your scarf collection will be magically organized in no time.

soup cans held together by ribbon with rolled up scarves inside

12. Hangars To Organize Your Scarves

We all have some extra clothes hangars. And if you don’t, well it may be time to purge and reorganize your closet. Got ya! Seriously though… just go grab a pack of hangars. They are an inexpensive way to quickly organize your scarves and they can be stored in your closet with the rest of your clothes with little hassle. Just knot them through the hangers even attaching some on the top of the hangar as well. This is simple to do with little effort to make this one happen!

scarves looped around hangars

13. Clothespin Scarf Organization System

I absolutely love the look of clothespins when I am decorating and organizing. This system for your scarves not only keeps them well organized but is also a great visual on the wall. Add as many clothespins to a piece of wood that you desire in any pattern. You will love the look of this and its functionality. And you can create this clothespin storage system in just a few minutes.

one scarf hanging from a DIY clothespin rack

14. DIY Scarf Organizer

I always have some scrap wood laying around from some previous organization project. Grab a piece of that wood, give it a light sand and paint it! Add some stylish hooks and hang your scarf collection. This is such a pretty way to display your scarf collection and you can get creative with your paint and pattern. You can install as many hooks as you need and use whatever size board you want. Be as creative as you want here to hang your scarves. This is an excellent idea for the mudroom, too!

DIY hooks attached to a wall with scarves hanging

15. Mail Sorters For Scarf Organizers

Have you gone paperless and no longer need that mail sorter that is now collecting dust in the storage closet? Let me tell you, wall-mounted mail sorters are a neat and tidy way to store scarves. And they look great on the wall too! These can be placed almost anywhere too because they just look great on the wall. You may want to wrap them around cardboard or poster board first, but that is not necessary. Then sort them by color or pattern to create a visually appealing organized display.

mail sorter attached to a wall with scarves folded in slots

So there you have it. Never dig through another pile of scarves again!

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scarves on towel bars, in PVC pipes in a drawer, in an over-the-door organizer and hanging from clothespins

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