21 People who Revealed their MacGyver-like Secret Tricks. They Make Household Chores Easier

Clever tricks make everyday household chores easier for everyone. In social media many internet users boast about their proven tricks that help to organize work in the kitchen or garden. Check out the gallery and learn simple methods that will make your life easier.

#1 Carry All Your Bags With a Sponge Snap Hook


#2 Patches for Drying Reusable Bags


#3 If You Don’t Have a Pocket in Your Sportswear, Attach the Key to Your Shoelaces


#4 Electrifying Hair? Use Wet Wipes to Clean Computer Screens

#5 With an Earring You’ll Never Lose Your Headphones Again


#6 Wrap Adhesive Tape Around Your Ankles When You Go Out in the Woods. It’s a Good Trap for Ticks


#7 You Can Fasten the Bracelet Yourself With a Safety Pin or Paper Clip


#8 With a Towel Hook, a Garbage Bag Never Falls Into the Trash


#9 You Can Store Ramen and Chinese Soup in the CD Rack


#10 If You Tear the Side of a Bag, Use a Hole Punch to Keep the Gap From Widening


#11 Repot Cacti Only With Thick Gloves. They Can Even Be the Ones From the Hulk Costume Taken From Your Child 😉


#12 An Enclosure for Pet Cats


#13 If You Want to Protect Yourself and Your Computer From Too Much Sun, Put Your Electronic Equipment in a Cardboard Box


#14 You Can Make a Comfortable Chair Back From a Pillow


15 A Student Patent for Turning a Spoon Into a Fork. All You Need Is Tape and Toothpicks 😉 .


#16 When You’re Sick, Leave One Empty Box Where You Can Put Used Tissues


#17 If a Chair Wheel Breaks, Replace It With a Roller Wheel


#18 An Ingenious Way to Open a Bottle of Wine Without Using a Corkscrew

#19 If in the Garden or at Home You Don’t Want to Lose Your Child, Then Tie a Balloon to His Clothes 😉


#20 With a Spoon, a Ladle Will Never Fall Into a Large Bowl or Pot


#21 If You Keep Losing Your Remote Control, Then Tape It to the Wall 😉



A quick course on how to fold hoodie and shirts. It will come in handy during packing and vacation travel.

So which patent did you find most helpful?

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