25 Budget-Friendly Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

If you have a small budget but would like to make your laundry room stylish and updated, then the best way to achieve that is to use budget-friendly laundry room makeover ideas. There are many people who spend too much on other parts of their homes such as their living rooms, bedrooms and so on. However, they neglect their most needed areas such as their laundry rooms.

Install Shelves

Shelves are one of the best ways to organize a room, especially for laundry room. You can make them as high or low as you need to organize the various items in the room. There are different types of shelving to choose from, such as open shelves, floating shelves, or custom built cabinets. If you are working on a limited budget, you can always build shelves yourself to save some money. Just be sure that you know exactly what you need to build before you start.


This laundry room features an overhead shelf with storage basket. This is a more stylish way to store all the little things you need for washing. Adding this rattan and plastic wicker basket will beautify your room more neatly and avoid clutter. You can make this shelf yourself to be a charming room decoration. Shelf with storage basket from hgtv.


This laundry room makes use of its wall space by adding an open shelf complete with rows of pegs for brushes and brooms. This organizational idea takes advantage of wasted space and is a charming way to decorate your laundry area. You can make these shelves yourself for saving room decorations. This pastel painting provides the perfect contrast to the wallpaper backsplash. Open shelf laundry room from hgtv.


This wooden shelf mounted on the wall of the laundry room will present a natural and minimal maintenance space. You can make your own to make cheap laundry room decorations. Choosing this wood material will look more sturdy and durable. Keep some ornaments and greenery in small pots to create the perfect room. Wooden shelf mounted from hgtv.


Floating shelves are a great way for extra storage if you don’t have the space or budget for closets. It is the perfect laundry room decoration and will make your room look stylish and tidy. At the bottom of this shelf you can add towel storage. Don’t forget to add a wall clock for additional decoration in this laundry room. Floating shelves from hgtv.


Laundry room decorations equipped with storage cabinets will make it easier for you to store items and soap neatly. You can also add some floating shelves and wicker baskets for the perfect extra storage idea. Using the cabinet doors are made of metal mesh, which allows hot air to circulate but blends in with the existing kitchen style. Storage cabinets Laundry room from hgtv.

Add More Organizer Stuffs

Having an organized laundry room is everyone dream. In order to makeover your laundry room with budget friendly, add more organizer stuffs can be your option. To save your budget, you can add some baskets, hooks, space for hangers, foldable drying rack, and many others.


This plastic basket placed in the laundry room closet creates a neat and uncluttered look. This will make it easier for you to separate clothes and give it an attractive appearance. This decor is on a low budget but you still create a charming look. Plastic basket storage from hgtv.


This rolling basket can be folded up when not in use but seems to store expensive clothes that require dry cleaning or fabrics that need to be hand washed. This will make it easier for you to create attractive room decorations and steal the attention of many people. This decoration will make it easier for you to create a neat and uncluttered laundry room. Rolling basket from hgtv.


Add a wardrobe to this small space storage unit featuring shelves and a folding platform that can fit into your laundry room. The built-in basket and wall hooks make it easy to store all your gear, accessories, and even a mismatched sock or two. The large green basket above the washing machine also makes it easier for you to sort clothes. Shelves and a folding platform from hgtv.


Having these removable baskets and baskets comes in handy for loading or transporting laundry in your laundry room. On a low budget it will save you money on decorating your laundry room. Placing this basket on wheels near the washing machine will make it look pretty. Wire basket storage from hgtv.


Choosing this folding clothes rack will present an attractive room decor and will save space in your laundry room. You can place this shelf next to your washing machine to take advantage of an empty wall in your laundry room. This minimalist look creates a sleek look. Folding clothes rack from hgtv.

Opt for Installing Wallpapers

Changing the paint of laundry room space can bring a different nuance. Instead of changing the wall paints, you can install wallpapers for a budget-friendly laundry room makeover ideas. Wallpaper provides a wide selection of motifs that you can customize to your style and needs. It can liven up your laundry space instantly.


This laundry room is lined with whimsical bird scribbles that will keep you entertained as you fold your last item on the built-in shelf. Having a white background combined with a white color scheme in this laundry room will make your laundry room decor clean and look sleeker. It can bring your laundry room to life instantly. Whimsical bird wallpaper from hgtv.


This gray wallpaper with an intricate pattern will make a perfect room decor and will steal the attention of many. Here, this walnut yellow cabinet creates a charming look and grabs the attention of many. This large framed painting creates the perfect focal point of the room. Gray wallpaper from hgtv.


This laundry room wallpaper combines shades of lavender, pink, coral and orange for a colorful and textured setting. Adding this large framed painting also offers a unique look and becomes the perfect focal point of the room. This blue lounger creates a cozy and inviting space. Pastel color wallpaper from hgtv.


This laundry room looks fresh and sweet with fun floral motifs on the walls of the room. You can combine it with white cabinets and white washers for the perfect contrast. The white ceiling is also complemented by a chandelier with dramatic lighting. The window beside this washing machine allows sunlight into the room and creates a spacious and airy room. Floral motifs wallpaper laundy room from hgtv.


Using butterfly-patterned wallpaper in this laundry room will result in a charming room decoration. Choosing this white background will create a charming look. You can combine it with white cabinets to produce a room that is sleek and looks spacious. These black and white penny floor tiles bring a unique look to your laundry room décor. Butterfly-patterned wallpaper from hgtv.

More Cozier and Helpful with Folding Space

A laundry room makeover with a folding surface is an easy, efficient way to update the look and functionality of this important room. This will make it easier for you to fold and tidy clothes. Adding a folding countertop a great solution for many laundry room decorating ideas yang that not only adds beauty but is also functional.


Adding this natural wood countertop will make it easier for you to fold clothes in your washing machine. It will look more sturdy and durable if you use wood. These decorations are low maintenance and will add beauty but are also functional. Pair it with a pink blush color scheme and a matching color wallpaper for a charming look. Wooden countertop from homebnc.


This dark wood table adds the perfect contrast to your laundry room décor. Using this countertop will make it easier for you to fold clothes in your laundry room. Adding a few rabbit figurines and other ornaments will make for a charming room decor. You can stick this wooden framed sign on the top wall of the washing machine. Dark wood table from homebnc.


Adding a folding table is a great solution for many laundry room decorating ideas that don’t just. Using this wooden table will create a dashing and durable look. Using wood will also save you money when decorating your laundry room. At the top of the counter you can add a storage cabinet that will make it easier for you to store various kinds of your laundry tools. Wooden folding table from homebnc.


Makeover the laundry room by adding a table to fold clothes using this wood material will save your room budget so that it will produce a unique look. These decorations will last a long time and will look sturdier. You can also add open shelves made of wood and equipped with some galvanized and plastic baskets for added storage to your space. Wooden countertop and shelf from homebnc.


The inspiration for this farmhouse-style laundry room uses a wooden countertop that will save your budget when you want to decorate your room. You can use this wooden table to fold clothes easily and it will give an attractive look. At the bottom of the counter you can use it for interesting storage ideas. Farmhouse wooden countertop from homebnc.

Renew the Cabinet Paint

If you find that your laundry room cabinet paint looks worn, this is the right time to renew your cabinet paint. You can use bold, bright, or neutral color to repaint your cabinet. By renewing your cabinet you will get a new atmosphere in your laundry room.


This repainted light blue wardrobe will make for a low budget room decor. lpng floating shelves paired with series pendants and graphic patterned colors will create a unique look and attract the attention of many people. Using this four-stack washing machine will produce an attractive appearance. Repainted light blue from hgtv.


The navy blue bottom cabinet is a nautical counterbalance to the white linen wardrobe above. You can repaint this cabinet for a low-maintenance laundry room result. Choosing this blue wooden cabinet table will look sturdy and durable and provide the perfect space. With your wardrobe, you will get a new atmosphere in your laundry room. Navy blue bottom cabinet from hgtv.


Paint clean white and moss green on your laundry room cabinets to display the perfect room decor and steal the attention of many people. This decor will save your budget and will make it really stand out. Pair it with hardwood flooring for a warm room decor with a natural touch to the rest of the room. White and moss green cabinet from hgtv.


Storage in this laundry room brings elegance combined with masculine style. You can repaint these cabinets to make your laundry room decor on a low budget. This design looks more modern with a glossy black color on your storage cabinet. Black cabinet from hgtv.


Repainting the cabinet in gray will make your laundry room decor look stylish and will steal the attention of many people. It’s a great idea to redecorate a laundry room on a budget. The rustic touch of this wicker basket creates additional storage for your space. Gray cabinet from hgtv.

These are some budget-friendly laundry room makeover ideas that you can implement on your own. Hope will inspire you even your budget is tight.

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