30 women’s products with a cult following on Amazon—and why they’re worth it

30 women’s products with a cult following on Amazon—and why they're worth it— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

I don’t know about you, but when I see a product that has thousands of reviews and a really high rating, it definitely captures my interest. If all these people love it, does that mean I’ll love it too?

Thanks in large part to Amazon, it’s easier than ever to read real reviews on all sorts of products, and there are dozens of items that have become internet sensations thanks to their glowing testimonials. Today, we’re diving into some of the top-rated products for women that have gained near-cult status thanks to thousands of positive reviews. Here are 30 must-have items for women and why you should buy them. (Spoiler alert: I’ve actually tried several myself!)

1. An all-in-one hair tool

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer
Credit: Revlon

It looks like a hairbrush, but it's so much more.

Reviews: 33,621
Rating: 4.4 stars

If you have long hair, it can take quite some time to wash, dry, and style it. That’s what makes the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer so appealing—it promises to dry and smooth your hair simultaneously, shaving precious time off your daily routine thanks to its even air distribution and ionic hair-smoothing technology.

One of our reviewers has actually tested the Revlon One-Step, and she found it dried her hair in just six minutes, leaving it smooth, shiny, and volumized. Plus, she said there was no need to touch up with a flat iron, echoing the glowing sentiments of thousands of users.

Get the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer on Amazon for $56.89

2. An amazing anti-wrinkle serum

InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum
Credit: InstaNatural

Stop wrinkles in their tracks!

Reviews: 7,492
Rating: 4.4 stars

Lots of ladies swear by their serums, which help keep your face looking hydrated and healthy by delivering essential vitamins right to your skin. However, the problem is that serums can be quite pricey—we’re talking $40 or more for a tiny, little bottle.

If you want to give serums a try but don’t want to drain your wallet, you’ll love the InstaNaturals Vitamin C Serum, which can help hydrate your skin, prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging, reduce signs of acne, and overall tighten and tone the skin. Reviewers say it genuinely helps minimize acne scars, dark spots, and other issues, leaving their face feeling soft and luxurious. What do you really have to lose?!

Get the InstaNatural Vitamin C Serum on Amazon for $17.97

3. A reusable menstrual cup

Credit: DivaCup

Thousands of women swear by the DivaCup.

Reviews: 6,696
Rating: 4.4 stars

If you’ve ever wished there was a better way to deal with your period besides using tampons and/or pads, the DivaCup may be just the product for you. The uber-popular menstrual cup comes in three sizes and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Bonus: it’s reusable, so you don’t have to shell out money for sanitary products month after month and it's greener than disposable products.

So many women rave about the DivaCup, saying they’ll never go back to using tampons. Not only can a menstrual cup save you money, but it’s also easy to use and actually comfortable to wear all day. There is a bit of a learning curve when you’re first getting used to it, but most agree it’s a life-changing product.

Get the DivaCup Menstrual Cup on Amazon for $23.47

4. A top-rated underwire bra

Warner's This Is Not a Bra
Credit: Warner's

A full-coverage bra that's actually comfortable? Who knew?!

Reviews: 4,424
Rating: 4.4 stars

Bra shopping can be a pain, especially since undergarments are so darn expensive! Given the eternal struggle of finding a comfortable yet supportive bra, we were excited to see that Warner’s This Is Not a Bra had such high ratings. This comfort-focused bra comes in a wide range of colors, as well as sizes from A to DDD.

Reviewers say this bra provides the perfect combo of support, comfort, and shape, delivering full-coverage cups with underwire that you can’t even feel. Plus, many note these bras are not noticeable under clothing and they hold up well over time. Winning all around!

Get the Warner's This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra on Amazon starting at $7

5. Ridiculously comfortable yoga pants

90 Degrees by Reflex
Credit: Reflex

Meet your new favorite yoga pants.

Reviews: 10,137
Rating: 4.3 stars

As someone who essentially lives in yoga pants, I can confidently say 90 Degree by Reflex is one of the best (affordable) brands out there. I own roughly eight pairs, maybe more, of these leggings, and I wasn't at all surprised at their glowing reviews on Amazon.

These yoga pants are made of a nylon/spandex mix, and the waist is an incredibly comfortable high-rise design. The new version even comes with pockets, letting you store your phone securely while you exercise. Reviewers say the pants are high-quality and durable, and many have multiple pairs—that’s how good they are.

Get the 90 Degree By Reflex Womens Power Flex Yoga Pants on Amazon starting at $19.99

6. A spacious RFID-blocking wallet

Travelambo Womens Wallet
Credit: Travelambo

Look at all those credit card slots!

Reviews: 10,774
Rating: 4.6 stars

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, which is essentially using radio waves to capture information. In recent years, there’s been concern about thieves using RFID to steal credit card info right out of your wallet instead of just taking the wallet itself, which has led to a rise in RFID-blocking products.

This cute women’s wallet includes RFID-blocking technology to keep your sensitive information safe, but it also has a killer design that allows you to store up to 16 cards, as well as cash, a checkbook, and even your phone. Reviewers love the large capacity, saying it stores everything and the kitchen sink without feeling bulky or inconvenient. Plus, the added security feature is a fantastic bonus.

Get the Travelambo Women's Wallet on Amazon for $14.99

7. A winter beanie with room for your ponytail

C.C BeanieTail
Credit: C.C BeanieTail

This cool hat solves an age-old issue.

Reviews: 5,499
Rating: 4.6 stars

Everyone with long hair knows this struggle: You have your hair in a ponytail or bun, but it’s cold out and you need to wear a hat. If you put the hat on over your updo, it’s going to look and feel quite weird. So, you begrudgingly take your hair down—but with the C.C. BeanieTail Hat, you don’t have to!

These adorable beanies are kind of ingenious. There’s a little stretchy hole right at the top where you can simply thread your ponytail or bun through. These beanies come in dozens of cute colors, and reviewers say they’re incredibly cozy and well-made.

Get the C.C BeanieTail Cable Knit Ponytail Beanie Hat on Amazon for $15.99

8. The perfect anti-theft bag for travel

Travelon Anti-Theft Bag
Credit: Travelon

Protect your belongings with an anti-theft bag.

Reviews: 3,537
Rating: 4.6 stars

There are so many cautionary tales about women having their crossbody bags stolen, which is why this next product is such a good idea. The Travelon Anti-Theft Bucket Bag looks like a standard crossbody purse, but it’s equipped with a lockable main compartment and slash-resistant straps and pockets, ensuring no one can grab it and run. It comes in dozens of cute colors, and it even boasts RFID-blocking pockets to protect your credit card information. Reviewers love how spacious this bag is, and many note that it’s the perfect handbag for traveling.

Get the Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag on Amazon for $45.21

9. The makeup mirror you've been waiting for

Makeup mirror
Credit: Amazon

The lighting in this mirror will help you to look flawless.

Reviews: 3,958
Rating: 4.6 stars

If you're a makeup guru, or perhaps you just have terribly harsh lighting in your bathroom, you need this mirror. It has 21 LED bulbs, which provide the perfect level of brightness for makeup application. If that's too much for you, you can play around by dimming the lights with an easy touchscreen switch. The 3 different panels have different levels of magnification and wide-angle viewing, a.k.a. you're going to look flawless.

Get the KOOLORBS Makeup 21 Led Vanity Mirror with Lights on Amazon for $24.99

10. A hair elastic that won't leave a crease in your hair

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Say goodbye to the crease in your hair from your hair tie.

Reviews: 1,204
Rating: 4.3 stars

The Invisibobble is a hair elastic that promises to keep your hair securely up in a ponytail or bun, without leaving a bump in your hair after you take it out. It also promises that it will treat your scalp kindly, so when you take it out, you won’t remove a small clump of hair along with it.

Our social media manager, an avid runner, tried Invisibobble and was pleasantly surprised that it not only stayed in place during her daily runs, but it even held strong during an entire marathon relay without needing any adjusting. As an added bonus, she didn't have a headache from too tight of a ponytail later on in the day. A true win-win.

Get the Invisibobble Power Traceless Hair Ties on Amazon for $7.15

11. A set of affordable makeup brushes

BS-MALL Makeup Brushes
Credit: BS-MALL

Here's proof you don't have to splurge on good makeup brushes.

Reviews: 16,130
Rating: 4.5 stars

High-end makeup brushes are truly expensive—they can cost up to $20 a piece! Alternatively, you can get this set of 14 brushes for around $10. You might be thinking, “Yeah, but they’re probably low-quality and won’t do a good job.” However, reviewers swear these are the softest, thickest brushes they’ve ever owned. Many even compare them to the top luxury brush brands.

The set of 14 includes brushes for face and eye makeup, and each brush has densely packed synthetic bristles to help you apply your makeup faster and more efficiently. Some people say they’re a bit hard to clean, but for this low price, the brush set is worth every penny.

Get the BS-MALL Makeup Brushes on Amazon for $9.99

12. An affordable curling iron

Infinitipro by Conair
Credit: Conair

Get perfect curls with this top-rated tool.

Reviews: 3,473
Rating: 4.4 stars

You can get beautiful salon-quality curls at an affordable price thanks to the InfinitiPro by Conair Curling Wand. Unlike traditional curling irons, this product doesn’t have a “clamp,” which means you won’t be left with awkward kinks after curling your hair. Instead, you simply wrap your hair around the tapered barrel to create natural-looking curls. Many reviewers say they were skeptical about how well this curling wand would work, but in the end, the vast majority love the product and consider it an unbeatable value. While we haven't tested this particular wand, we have tried a number of other leading options if you'd like to learn a little more and weigh your options before you buy.

Get the INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand on Amazon for $19.99

13. A compact hair-removal device

Philips Satinelle Epilator
Credit: Philips

Cheaper than waxing, and more efficient than shaving.

Reviews: 6,524
Rating: 4 stars

Hair removal is an ongoing struggle for many women. On one hand, you can shave multiple times a week, or alternatively, you can spend a lot of money getting a wax or laser hair removal. Given this no-win situation, it’s not surprising that so many women love the Philips Satinelle Epilator, a compact hair-removal device that’s quick and easy to use.

Essentially, an epilator plucks out hair from the root, giving you the long-lasting results of plucking or waxing in less time and in the comfort of your own home. The brand says it takes around 10 minutes to use the device on both legs, and your results will last for weeks! Reviewers echo these sentiments, saying it’s a fast, efficient hair removal alternative—however, be aware that it does hurt since, ya know, it’s pulling your hairs out.

Get the Philips Satinelle Compact Hair Removal Epilator on Amazon for $26.99

14. A professional-grade jewelry cleaner

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner
Credit: Magnasonic

Clean, shiny jewelry in no time.

Reviews: 7,497
Rating: 4.4 stars

Is your jewelry looking a little grimy? You could take a cloth to your precious jewels to polish them up, or you could simply dump them all in the Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner. This unassuming device can be used to clean dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils, and more. Plus, get this—all it uses is water!

Instead of harsh chemicals, the cleaner creates microscopic bubbles using ultrasonic technology, effectively removing dirt and grime. The end result? Jewelry that looks brand new! Seriously, there are even some professional jewelers who recommend this machine.

Get the Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner on Amazon for $39.99

15. A super-absorbent hair towel

DuraComfort Essentials Hair Towel
Credit: DuraComfort

This hair towel is the only one you'll ever need.

Reviews: 5,517
Rating: 4.3 stars

Wrapping your hair up in a full-size towel after you shower is a good way to make your neck hurt and your hair frizzy. Instead, you need a lightweight, super-absorbent hair towel like this top-rated one from DuraComfort. It’s 41-by-19-inches, making it perfect for all hair lengths, and the microfiber fabric will soak up more water than a traditional towel, leaving your hair damp and ready for styling.

Reviewers call this hair towel “drastically better” than other popular options, and many say it’s perfect for curly hair and can even reduce frizz. I don’t know (yet) what sort of magic is used to make this towel, but I'm definitely sold on it.

Get the DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel on Amazon for $10.99

16. A beautiful bath bomb gift set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set
Credit: LifeAround2Angels

These beautiful bath bombs are a hit with reviewers.

Reviews: 9,663
Rating: 4.9 stars

This array of colorful handmade bath bombs is one of the highest-rated products on this list, with an average rating of 4.9. Out of close to 10,000 reviews, a whopping 97% are 4- or 5-stars. That's pretty uncommon for reviewers in general, regardless of the product.

What makes this set so great? You get 12 handcrafted bath bombs that are made in the U.S., and they have soothing scents like lavender, mango papaya, and black raspberry vanilla. Plus, each bomb has moisturizing properties that promise to leave your skin smooth and hydrated after your bath. Basically, they’re the perfect way to relax after a long, stressful day—just read the glowing comments if you don’t believe us.

Get the LifeAround2Angels Bath Bomb Gift Set on Amazon for $26.80

17. Transparent adjusters to help your rings fit better

GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster
Credit: GWHOLE

Stop rings from slipping and sliding.

Reviews: 5,416
Rating: 4.4 stars

Do you have a ring that’s just a little too big? Instead of going through the hassle of getting it resized, you can just purchase these inexpensive ring size adjusters. It’s essentially a small piece of plastic that curls around the base of your ring, helping it to fit more snugly against your finger. It’s also a great solution if you need a looser fit to slip over your knuckles. Reviewers say the adjusters are easy to put onto rings and they’re incredibly comfortable to wear. Plus, you get enough plastic to fix several rings—not bad for $6, especially to make all those costume rings more enjoyable to wear.

Get the GWHOLE Ring Size Adjuster on Amazon for $5.99

18. A flattering two-piece swimsuit

Tempt Me Two-Piece Swimsuit
Credit: Tempt Me

Reviewers say this suit is super flattering.

Reviews: 4,601
Rating: 4.3 stars

Looking for a cute new bathing suit to wear on vacation? This two-piece from Tempt Me is a hit with buyers thanks to its versatile top and flattering fit. Many love that the top includes padded cups and resembles an off-the-shoulder crop top, which allows you to wear it as a shirt when you leave the beach. The suit comes in a variety of fun patterns, and happy reviewers agree it's flattering on a variety of body types. Plus, it’s just $16—you’d usually pay four times as much for a high-end bikini!

Get the Tempt Me Two-Piece Off-Shoulder Ruffled Crop Bikini Top with Print Cut Out Bottoms on Amazon from $16.99 and up

19. An organic self-tanner that won’t leave you orange

Self Tanner
Credit: Beauty by Earth

Get a sun-kissed glow, the safe way!

Reviews: 5,763
Rating: 4.3 stars

Here’s another product I’ve actually tried. This self-tanner from Beauty by Earth is made with organic ingredients and doesn’t contain all the chemicals you'll find in other fake tanning products. You need just a thin layer to give your skin a beautiful bronze, and it won’t leave you an awkward orange hue. Just be sure to follow the application instructions carefully to avoid streaking. Like I said, I’ve used it myself, and I got tons of compliments on my “natural-looking” tan.

Get the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner on Amazon for $30.99

20. Soft silk pillowcases to protect your hair

Shop Bedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase
Credit: Shop Bedding

Silky pillowcases are said to protect your hair.

Reviews: 7,222
Rating: 4.5 stars

People swear by the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Apparently, it’s good for your skin, and it's an amazing product for curly hair, since it won’t get snagged on the smooth surface. The Shop Bedding Luxury Satin Pillowcases aren’t technically silk, but they’ll give you the same experience. Plus, they’re incredibly affordable and they supposedly feel like sleeping on a cloud. Reviewers say this pillowcase is a must-have for any curly-haired women, and many like that it keeps you cool throughout the night.

Get the Shop Bedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase for Hair on Amazon for $6.99

21. A unique hair tool for beachy waves

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver
Credit: Bed Head

It's never been easier to get loose, beachy waves.

Reviews: 5,359
Rating: 4.1 stars

There are so many techniques to achieving carefree, beachy waves in your hair. You can use salt spray on it, braid it overnight, or scrunch it while wet—but none of these methods are more effective than using the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver.

This cool hair tool looks kind of weird, but the unique shape delivers beautiful, sculpted waves. Plus, it uses tourmaline ceramic technology to keep your hair shine and frizz-free, providing long-lasting loose waves that will make you look like you just stepped out of the surf. Reviewers say it’s quick and easy to use and that their waves last for multiple days.

Get the Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver on Amazon for $31.16

22. Cozy UGG slippers

Credit: UGG

They're UGGs in slipper form, so you know they're comfy.

Reviews: 2,285
Rating: 4.4 stars

Uggs have been around for years, and although the boots may have fallen from fashion grace years ago, the slippers never went out of style. After all, Uggs are comfortable. That's why these babies have over 2,000 positive reviews and an average rating of 4.4 stars. They're a little bit pricey, but they're definitely worth it.

Get the UGG Women's Coquette Slipper on Amazon for $89.90 and up

23. Fashion-forward mirror sunglasses

SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses
Credit: SOJOS

They're cute, they're functional, and they're affordable.

Reviews: 6,378
Rating: 4.6 stars

You’ll look chic all summer long with these stylish, affordable sunglasses. While they may not be the most high-end accessory out there, the SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses provide UV protection for your eyes and have cool mirrored lenses in a variety of fun colors. Reviewers say they’re surprisingly sturdy and comfortable to wear, and you’re sure to rack up the compliments while rocking them. What more could you really ask for from $14 sunglasses?

Get the SOJOS Cat Eye Mirrored Sunglasses on Amazon for $12.99

24. A sweet trinket box for friends

Willow Tree Box
Credit: Willow Tree

This adorable box has a near-perfect rating.

Reviews: 2,645
Rating: 4.9 stars

It might not have the highest number of reviews, but the Willow Tree Keepsake Box makes up for it with super high ratings. This trinket box is the perfect gift to give a dear friend, daughter, sister, or any other special woman in your life. It’s a small 3-inch square that sits 2 inches tall, and the interior features the sweet saying, ”Forever true, forever friends.”

Why does this simple little box get such rave reviews? Happy buyers say it’s beautifully made and the perfect sentimental gift, and many shoppers have given the Willow Tree Keepsake Box to close friends, relatives, and even co-workers.

Get the Willow Tree Keepsake Box on Amazon for $21.95

25. Form-flattering skinny jeans

Levi Gold Modern Skinny Jeans
Credit: Levi Strauss

Skinny jeans with a flattering fit.

Reviews: 2,239
Rating: 4.5 stars

A great pair of jeans can change your life—just ask all the happy buyers of these Levi's Modern Skinny Jeans. They come in sizes 2 to 28, with short, regular, and long options, and there are a variety of colors to choose from, as well. The jeans are made from a stretchy material that’s easy to put on and keeps its shape all day, and they’re mid-rise for a comfortable fit. Many women say the jeans are extremely flattering and soft to the touch. In fact, several write they went out and bought a second pair!

Get the Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Modern Skinny Jeans on Amazon for $15.41 and up

26. A stylish camera to document all the memories

Credit: Amazon

This instant camera is all the rage because of the great photos it takes, and how adorable it is.

Reviews: 10,517
Rating: 4.5 stars

You've probably been seeing this instant camera everywhere because, well, people are OBSESSED with it. It's perfect for not only taking pictures, but HAVING pictures. It makes a great gift for any age or occasion, or makes a great treat-yourself moment! Not to mention, it comes in 10 cute colors.

Get the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera on Amazon for $49

27. This multi-tool to give you some killer brows

Schick Silk Touch-Up
Credit: Amazon

Touch-ups are quick and easy with this versatile beauty tool.

Reviews: 9,670
Rating: 4.4 stars

This tool is the only product you'll want to use on your delicate eyebrows. It expertly shapes eyebrows, removes fine hairs and gently exfoliates—and people love it. It makes touch-ups quick and easy. Reviewers, some even makeup artists, say that it's perfect for removing fine hair, like peach fuzz. They also say that they noticed a major difference in the smoothness of their skin afterward.

Get the Schick Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool on Amazon for $4.99

28. A clay mask that works deep in your pores

Clay mask
Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

People love this face mask because of the price and the results.

Reviews: 28,918
Rating: 4.5 stars

One of the biggest products on the Amazon scene is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. It has over 28,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, and for good reason. They claim to deliver “the world’s most powerful facial”, but it’s not just for the face. Upon reviewing, we found the clay works well for body wraps, insect bites, and you can even drop a few scoops in your tub.

Get the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay 1 lb. Jar on Amazon for $10.95

29. An oil diffuser and mist humidifier for ultimate relaxation

Credit: Reviewed / Jackson Ruckar

Did I mention this diffuser can change colors?

Reviews: 41,843
Rating: 4.5 stars

People are obsessed with essential oil diffusers. And why wouldn’t they be? They transform your home with good smells and good vibes. This cult-favorite diffuser is also a mist humidifier, so it can also add moist, comfortable air to small bedrooms, hotel rooms, tabletops and even workplace cubicles. And with over 40,000 reviews of this product, the numbers don't lie. This diffuser is truly beloved.

Get the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser on Amazon for $16.99

30. A way to finally stop clogging the shower drain with your luscious locks

Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

The TubShroom guarantees to catch every hair, every time.

Reviews: 29,714
Rating: 4.4 stars

What is TubShroom? Well, let me tell you. It is a LIFE-CHANGING plug that fits in your shower drain, neatly collecting hair around it. The TubShroom company claims that it fits any standard tub drain and is guaranteed to catch every hair, every time. What's more, reviewers are in total agreement. Say goodbye to the days when your hair would clog the drain and water would slowly (and grossly) fill your bathtub, or your S.O. (jokingly) shaming you for breaking their shower drain.

Get the TubShroom on Amazon for $12.97

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