5 Bathroom Accessories to Fit Your New Small Tub


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One of the hottest trends of the year is the small tub. Categorized as any tub under the average length of 60 inches, small tubs are perfect for adding luxurious relaxation without overcrowding the bathroom. Of course, no mini tub is complete all on its own. Try these five bathroom accessories ideal for making the most of a space-saving tub design.

Hand Shower

Hand showers are a must-have for any tub, but they’re especially useful paired with a small tub. It’s a little more work to rinse off entirely in a smaller tub. Grabbing a hand shower and spraying off from the top down finishes up the bathing experience without the mess of splashing. Wall-mounted units are convenient, but freestanding tub fillers also tend to hold them right within grasp.

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Towel Warmers

Drying off goes from routine to relaxing with the addition of a heated towel rack. Towel warmers can be installed near the tub so the constant low-level release of heat makes the bathing experience more relaxing. This is particularly pleasant for small sitting tubs.

Shower Curtain Rods

Privacy always improves the bathing experience. Adding a shower curtain rod or ring can add privacy even if you don’t build an entire shower surround. Small tubs require equally miniature-sized shower rods. Freestanding clawfoot and pedestal designs will need a D-shaped or ring-shaped hanger, while small alcove tubs just need a simple rod.

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Grab Bars

Many homeowners mistakenly think that only older people and those with mobility issues need grab bars installed around a tub. But everyone can benefit from having a steady place to hold on while entering and exiting, especially if the small tub has higher sides to compensate for the reduced length. Grab bars double as handy places to hang towels where they can be grabbed while in the tub, but remember that towel bars aren’t strong enough to use as grab bars.

Tub Baskets

Tub baskets hang over the edges of the tub or extend across the width of it to create more storage space for soap, bath poofs, and more. Since small tubs tend to feature thinner edges to maximize inner bathing space, their ability to hold supplies is reduced. Baskets offer storage space without the need for low-hanging wall shelves or built-in niches.

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