Although we all want to maintain a healthy level of hygiene no matter where we are, sometimes it becomes really difficult


That’s because having a readily available place to wash your hands is always almost impossible. But now there are portable sinks and they are growing in popularity pretty fast. This is because with them, maintaining great hygiene levels is a breeze. Given that they are portable, these outdoor sinks can easily be carried and used on the go. They are perfect for camping, hiking, worksites, cookouts, picnics, and other recreational activities.

Well, it is not just hands portable sinks are designed to keep clean but also you can use them to clean food products and even for drinking. They are mostly constructed with HDPE materials, which are non-toxic and safe. Needless to say, these sinks are suitable for the entire family. Additionally, most outdoor sinks boast a hands-free operation. If you want to use them, simply step on the foot pump and they will stream out water. This is very important because it helps keep the sink clean.

Although portable sinks are not as many in the market as most products we see around, finding one can still be challenging. So, to guide you in this, we have written this comprehensive article. It has reviews of these amazing products, buyer’s guide, and, of course, FAQs. That being said, we hope you will find it helpful.
Best Portable Sinks – Review & Buyer’s Guide

1. SereneLife SLCASN18 Portable Camping Sink

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Weighs 10.4 pounds Measures 19.7 inches long by 13.0 inches wide by 40.1 inches high The length of the drainage hose is 2.7ft The rate of foot pump dispenser is 180 millimeters per step The capacity of the liquid soap dispenser is 3 liters
Accessing water for washing hands when you are far away from civilization can be quite daunting. That’s why we are glad to note that this portable camping sink is within easy reach. It makes outdoor life amazingly convenient by making sure you have an easy time accessing water to wash your hands, the food you are about to eat, and even for drinking. It boasts hands-free operation, and this further makes it more hygienic and incredibly safe to use. To get water flowing from it, simply step on the foot pump. Ideally, this portable camping sink is extremely easy to use.

Since it is designed to be used on the go, the camping sink is compact and lightweight. You can, therefore, fit it in your vehicle and carry it easily to a camping site or wherever you will need water. Its portability is further improved by the handy design, which features a built-in handle and rolling wheels. While the built-in handle makes the sink very easy to carry around, the rolling wheels come in handy when you want to move the sink but do not wish to carry it. Another amazing feature we must talk about is the food-safe material used to make the portable sink. Made of HDPE material, this carry-around sink is non-toxic and safe for the entire family.

Although this portable sink is compact and easy to move around, this does not seem to have a negative effect on its capacity. The 19-liter (5-gallon) capacity makes this unit perfect for a large group of campers and travelers. Other features of this portable sink are stainless steel towel holder, an integrated liquid soap dispenser, and a flexible drainage hose. Well, what’s so special about all these features is that they make it easy to maintain a healthy level of hygiene regardless of where you are. The portable sink is ideal for boating, camping, worksites, and outdoor social events, among others.
What We Like The portable sink looks adorable The pump action works surprisingly good The integrated soap dispenser and towel bar are a huge plus The sink works as advertised The water pressure is adequate Seems to be well made What We Don’t Like The company is not the best when it comes to returning calls, emails, and even fixing an issue 2. Hike Crew Portable Foot Pump Camping Sink

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Convenient hands-free operation 19-liter (5-gallon) water tank capacity Wheels for optimum portability and maneuverability Towel holder and gooseneck faucet for ultimate convenience Collapsible hand wash basin Dimensions are 12.9 by 19.7 by 32.2 inches Comes in two types: standard and w/hose connector
Hike Crew knows that proper hygiene must be maintained no matter where you are. So, to help you achieve that, they have come up with this portable outdoor camping sink. Although it is advertised as a camping sink, it is not strictly for camping. It is a multipurpose unit you can use for various applications such as hunting, backyard parties, hiking, picnics, worksite, BBQs, events, and other recreational activities. It is the kind of item that will definitely be useful all the time.

As its name suggests, this camping foot pump sink comes equipped with a well-thought-out foot pump. The feature ensures hands-free operation by allowing you to manually shoot 180ml of freshwater. Well, this helps ensure better hygiene and cleanliness. It also improves eco-friendly conservation. The capacity of the tank, which holds freshwater in this portable sink, is 19 liters. And this is large enough to provide you with over 100 washes per fill-up. What’s more, the thoughtful sink holds up to 6 pints of detergent or liquid soap. It boasts an all-in-one design, which features a handy towel rack, carry handle, and washbasin. The towel rack is constructed with stainless steel; hence, it will last for several years. The washbasin, on the other hand, promotes convenience, whereas the carry handle comes in handy when you are on the go.
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The material used to make this portable sink is high-density and heavy-duty. It, therefore, goes without saying that it can tolerate harsh outdoor conditions, thereby, providing long-lasting performance. The material is also food-safe, making this portable sink perfect for washing the food you are set to consume; washing hands, and even drinking. Another thing that makes this material special is the fact that it is eco-friendly. It can be recycled and this will give you peace of mind knowing that when you buy this outdoor sink, you will not just make your outdoor life convenient but also you will be conserving the environment.
What We Like Both the foot pump and the sink are very easy to use The foot pump helps keep the sink clean The item is shipped fast and is easy to assemble The drain hose is a nice addition The aesthetics of the sink is amazing Ideal for massage therapists Does not leak and everything seems to work great What We Don’t Like Although the foot pump works well, it is a bit flimsy. Therefore, when handling it, extra care should be observed 3. The Living Store Portable White Basin Wash Sink

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Constructed with high-density engineered polyethylene Dimensions are 19.7 inches long by 13.0 inches wide by 40.1 inches high Weighs 10.4 pounds The length of the drainage hose is 2.7ft Water tank capacity is 19 liters/5 gallons Foot pump dispenses water at a rate of 180ml per step The capacity of the liquid dispenser is 3 liters
Assembling this portable outdoor is one of the easiest tasks. Once you have received it, simply screw the stand column in the base tank; set up the basin on the stand column’s top; insert faucet into the tube and then fix it on the basin. After that, fix the aforementioned tube with the stand column and base tank. The next step for assembly is to fill the liquid soap into the tank then assemble the dispenser; screw the flexible drain hose on the washbasin, and lastly, fill fresh water into the base tank. Follow these steps and you will have your outdoor sink working as expected.

Like other portable sinks we have already reviewed in this article, this unit boasts a 19-liter water tank. That being said, it will supply you with enough water to make sure your hygiene is not in jeopardy. The soap tank includes a 1ml soap dispenser and can hold up to 3 liters of liquid soap. Besides, the pump releases 180 millimeters of water to ensure you have just enough for what you need water for. Ideally, you do not need your hands to operate this sink. All you need to do is to step on the foot pump and a stream of water will come out. This greatly improves hygiene and cleanliness.

As expected, this hand wash station is compact and portable. It is lightweight so you can easily carry it from one place to another and use it anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the portable sink has a handy design, which features a built-in handle and rolling wheels to make it easy to transport even when it’s filled with water. It also has a flexible hose for draining plus it is non-toxic, making it suitable for the entire family. Apart from washing your hands, the sink is great for cleaning a wide range of food products.
What We Like Hands-free for remote hand-washing Pumps nicely and works well The water tank capacity is large enough The soap dispenser holds plenty and does not leak Easy to set up Looks very cute once set up What We Don’t Like There is nothing to hold the faucet into the slot. So, you must jam it into the plastic hose and then jam the hose into the slot, and this kind of creates a slightly ugly setup. 4. TruePower Portable Camping Sink (50-5142)

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Weighs 10.4 pounds Foot pump dispenser rate is 180ml per step Drainage hose length is 2.7ft Water tank capacity is 19 liters Made of high-density engineered polyethylene Soap dispenser capacity is 3 liters Measures 19.7 inches long by 13.0 inches wide by 40.1 inches high
What’s interesting about the TruePower Portable Camping Sink is that its price is slightly lower than other brands we have already talked about. The best part is that the slightly lower price point does not seem to compromise its performance. It is still a reliable camping sink that offers unparalleled outdoor convenience. It makes water easy to access while you are outdoors. By so doing, the portable sink will help you maintain good hygiene levels. Furthermore, this outdoor sink is built with portability in mind. It has a built-in handle and rolling wheels to make it extremely easy to move around even when it’s filled with water.

Besides, this sink boasts hands-free operation; thanks to the foot pump that provides a stream of water when stepped on. The sink is made of HDPE plastic; hence, it is non-toxic as well as safe for the entire family. It is ideal not just for washing hands but also for cleaning a wide range of food products. It is a complete unit that will no doubt play a huge role in making sure that you and your family are safe no matter where you are.

Also, it features an integrated liquid soap dispenser; a flexible drainage hose that will let you direct waste away, and a towel holder made of stainless steel and designed to keep towel within easy reach. Maintaining a healthy level of hygiene while you are on a camping trip or hiking adventure is now a breeze. And all you need to achieve this is this portable sink. It is not just ideal for camping and hiking but also perfect for family gatherings, boating, worksites, outing, and more.
What We Like Holds a lot of water yet very compact Very convenient and helpful Ideal for a variety of uses including cookouts No plumbing required during installation What We Don’t Like The sink is incredibly small, but perhaps, this is to help improve portability 5. SPEED CARE Portable Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink


Rolling wheels for optimum portability 19-liter water capacity Towel holder Soap dispenser Construction material is non-toxic and safe HDPE Great for worksites, gatherings, adventures, etc
Unlike most products, portable sink brands are not so many in the market. So, if you feel that you need one, you better make up your mind pretty first and settle for one you believe will meet your needs. Well, one of the items you can choose is the SPEED CARE Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink. Its price is reasonable, and it works as expected. What’s more, this portable sink has several uses including fishing, events, gatherings, worksites, travel, RV, camping, and more.

The sink is made of HDPE plastic, just like the other 4 brands in these reviews. HDPE plastic is a very good material to make an outdoor sink. This is because it is non-toxic and, therefore, safe for the entire family. In fact, it is so safe that you can use this sink to wash a variety of food products aside from just washing your hands.

This sink is not described as portable for no reason. It has features that help support its portability. For example, it is not only compact but also equipped with rolling wheels to help you move it around with ease even when it’s filled with water. The sink also has a towel holder to keep your towel within easy reach. And its water capacity is up to 19 liters to hold more than enough water per fill. Well, this helps ensure ultimate convenience. Another feature we must bring to your attention is the soap dispenser that is also large enough to hold a sufficient amount of liquid soap. Given how handy this portable sink is, it is unsurprising that it is in demand. Therefore, if you think it will meet your needs, get it now.
What We Like Promotes convenience and makes outdoor adventures a breeze Small and easy to move from place to place Setting it up is a cakewalk The sink is made of safe and non-toxic material Ideal for many different uses Reasonably priced and works as described What We Don’t Like None so far Portable Sinks – Buyer’s Guide

Portable sinks are helpful outdoor sinks designed to come in handy every time an ordinary sink is beyond reach. This means you can carry it with you when going to a camping adventure, hiking trip, picnic, and more. You can also use it in your backyard for quick cleaning of hands. Like we said before, picking the best can be a chore. And even with the above reviews, you may still not be so sure what to settle for. That’s why we have also included this buyer’s guide. It has crucial factors you should have in mind when buying an outdoor sink.

These factors are:
One of the main reasons why you are choosing a portable sink is that you plan to use it on the go. Therefore, make sure the sink you are about to spend money on is built with portability in mind. This means it should have features that support portability. These features should include rolling wheels to allow you to move the sink easily even when it’s filled and a compact design that enables the sink to fit easily in even the tightest spaces. Your sink should also be lightweight to further improve portability.
Although a compact and lightweight sink is highly recommended, this does not mean you settle for something with a small capacity. That being said, before buying a camping sink, make sure it has a reasonable capacity. This means the capacity should not be too big to the extent that it compromises the portability of your sink or too small to the extent that water only lasts for a short while, thereby, causing all sorts of inconveniences.
The material used to make a portable sink should be safe and non-toxic. This is because aside from using the sink to wash your hands, you are likely to use it to clean fruits and other products. What’s more, the entire family, including little ones, is likely to use the newly-bought sink. So, to avoid potential danger or accidental ingestion of toxins, it is advisable that you invest in an outdoor sink made of a safe material such as HDPE.
Extra Features
Picking a portable sink that will help you maintain a healthy level of hygiene is good. But it’s even better to invest in a camping sink that comes equipped with extra features. For instance, a sink equipped with a towel bar is highly recommended because it helps keep a towel for drying hands within easy reach.
Portable Sinks – FAQs What’s the weight of a portable sink?
The fact that outdoor sinks are portable means they are not heavy. That being said, most of them weigh around 10.4 pounds.
Which portable sink has the largest capacity?
In these reviews, most outdoor sinks have a capacity of 19 liters (5 gallons), which is very impressive. Five gallons of water is plenty and can serve you and your family for hours.
Are portable sinks difficult to clean?
Most camping sinks are equipped with a foot pump that ensures hands-free operation. This means if you want to use them, simply step on the foot pump and water will stream out – no need to use your hands. In a nutshell, the pump helps keep these sinks clean, thereby, making cleanup a breeze. Furthermore, portable sinks can be disassembled for quick cleaning.

Conclusion – Wrapping Up

Maintaining healthy levels of hygiene away from home can be very difficult. That’s why you should consider buying a portable sink, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. These innovative sinks can easily be carried from place to place and used anytime, anywhere. They are ideal for worksites, camping, hiking, picnics, cookouts, etc.

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