Bath Accessory Spotlight: Towel Warmer


One of lifes best luxuries is taking a steaming hot shower or sinking deep into a nice bubble bath after a long day of responsibilities. Few things are as relaxing as letting the heat take your troubles away, but getting out of the warmth can ruin your bubble of peace. Yet, with the help of a towel warmer, you can keep the serenity of your cozy alone-time going. Whether you are looking for something to keep you warm this winter or just wanting to create your own at-home spa, it is the perfect bathroom accessory for you and your bathroom.

If you have ever pulled a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer just to wrap it around yourself, then you will definitely appreciate this bathroom accessory. A towel warmer is made to have hot towels ready the moment you step out and feel the chilly nips of cold air.

A Sophisticated Towel Warmer

A luxurious appliance everyone deserves, getting yourself a towel warmer will be ensuring much more than just warm towels. They can double as a drying rack for your towel because no one likes to wrap themselves with wet towels. Not to mention, the practicality of this accessory will prevent bacteria, mildew, and even mold from collecting on your towels. You can rest assured knowing that your bathroom will be fungus-free.

Firstly, Keep your towels warm and ready for you after a dip in the bath with Kingston Brasss towel warmers. With a variety of uses and applications, this bathroom feature is the perfect embodiment of traditional elegance and contemporary technology. Available in multiple finishes with quick-heating technology to radiate 10 horizontal crossbars, it becomes an essential piece for your bathroom. This model is made as a plug-in and can be paired with other accessories from the Templeton Collection.

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