Converse shoes are one of the most popular shoes, especially for the 90s babies


However, just like any other good thing, canvas shoes come with their challenges. Top of the list is how to clean them and even worse how to dry them. In this first moving world, it easy to resort to tossing your canvas in a dryer based on drying them fast.

So can you put converse shoes in the dryer? The simple answer is no, I don’t care how badly you need to wear your converse shoes, but placing them in the dryer is an outright bad idea. You see, the heat from the dryer will cause the rubber on the soles of the shoes to warp and the fabric part of the shoe to shrink. This means that the next time you attempt to put on your shoes, they may be small or the sole may feel quite uncomfortable to walk on. Even worse is that the entire shoe may fall apart. 

If you are looking for ways to dry your converse shoes, this article is for you. Keep reading to find out more on how to dry converse shoes, tips on maintaining your converse shoes, how to clean your converse shoes and other related issues.
How to Dry Converse Shoes
Now that placing shoes in the dryer is a bad idea, what alternative do you have? The following are other safer ways to dry your converse shoes.
1. Air Drying
Air-drying is the best way to dry your converse shoes.

Step 1: Start by crushing some pieces of paper or newspaper into balls.

Step 2: Stuff the inside of the converse shoes with the newspaper so that the entire shoe is packed with balls of paper. This is done to make sure that the shoes retain their shape even as they dry up. Moreover, the newspaper or paper you use to stuff will help in absorbing the excess moisture in the inner parts of the shoes.

Step 3: Hang the shoes by the laces on a clothesline so that they are exposed to as much sunlight as possible. Alternatively, you can place the shoes on a flat drying rack. Exposing the shoe to sunlight is important since it helps to disinfect them.

Step 4: Regularly change the balls of the newspaper especially if the paper gets dump.

Step 5: Leave the shoes to air dry.

If there is no sunlight, allow the shoes to air-dry at room temperature. Air-drying can take at least 2-3 days for the shoes to completely dry up. Remember wearing wet shoes is unhygienic and can bring about health complications.
2. Wrap your Converse in Newspaper
You can also dry your converse shoes by wrapping them in a newspaper. However, note that this method is only suitable for shoes with dull colors. If your converse shoes have bright colors they may get stains from the ink on the newspaper. As such, you can use paper towels as an alternative. Also, if you are still concerned about the ink in the newspaper use blank print papers.

Step 1: Start by removing the inner sole of your shoes if they have any and leave them to air dry. Wet soles can grow moles and produce a foul smell

Step 2: Staff the inside of the shoe with balls of newspaper to absorb the moisture.

Step 2: Wrap each of the shoes in 3 layers of newspaper. Make sure the layers are as tight as possible so that the newspapers can absorb as much moisture as possible. Use rubber bands to hold the newspaper in place

Step 3: Wrap the other shoe in the same way

Step 4: Leave the shoes in a dry spot indoors for them to air dry

Step 5: Constantly replace the newspaper used on the inside and outside of your shoes. After about 2- 3 hours, the newspaper will be wet hence necessitating the need to replace them with dry newspapers. Change as many times as you need until your shoes dry up

Step 6: This process will require some hours before your shoes dry but if your shoes were completely wet you may have to leave them to dry overnight
3. Hang the Converse on a Fan
Another method for drying your converse is by hanging them on a fun. Although this is a much technical method, it works

Step 1: Cut out two wires that are of 6 cm in length

Step 2: Grab the middle part of the one of the wire and bend it to form a hook. Use a plier for this process.

Step 4: On the end of the same wire bend it to the opposite direction of the first curve. The result is wire an S-shaped letter with one large hook and a smaller hook on the other side.

Step 5: Follow the same step for the other wire

Step 6: With the fan off, hang the wire hooks on the front side of the box fan. You can hang the wire by passing the smaller hook through the box fan.

Step 7: Make sure the hooks are placed 3-4 inches apart. This helps to create room for hanging both shoes. The wire hooks should not touch the blade of the fan to avoid accidents.

Step 8: Place the shoes on the hooks making sure that the soles are facing away from the blade. This helps the air from the fan to blow on the inside of the shoes and hence dry the moisture. Also, make sure that the shoes stay on the hooks without falling. If they do not, consider bending the hooks further.

Step 9: Ensure that the laces of the shoes do not hang inside the fan since this may lead to an accident and damage to the fan.

Step 10: Turn on the fan and set it at the highest speed to dry the shoes. Meanwhile, place a towel underneath the fun to catch any excess moisture dripping from the shoes. Stop the fun after every 30 minutes to check if the shoes have dried.

Typically it takes about 1-2 hours for the shoes to completely dry. To fasten the process, place the fun on a sunny window.
Tips on Maintaining your Converse Shoes
Now that we have mentioned that drying your converse in a drier will destroy them, what are the other tips we can use to make sure our shoes last long?
Buy Original Converse Shoes
This is one of the most underrated yet vital tips. Before you even think of maintaining your converse shoes, you have to be sure that they are 100% original shoes. If they are not, then it is expected that they will not last long. Get original converse shoes from a reputable converse shoe store.
Clean your converse shoes as soon as they get dirty or stained. The problem with delaying is that the stain adheres to the shoe’s fabric and making it difficult to clean later. We will discuss further on how to clean converse shoes.

Also, after you have cleaned your shoes, allow them to dry. Do not leave your converse in the water for long. The water makes the glue loosen its grip on the shoes, which can make it fall apart.
Let Your Shoes Breathe
Listen I understand you love your converse a tad too much. We all love converse, everybody loves converse, but hey, you have to give them a break if you want them to last longer. 

As such, it is recommended that you alternate your converse with a different pair of shoes or another pair of converse.

To allow your converse to breathe, loosen the laces, and allow it to sit in an open space. It doesn’t have to be washed for it to take a break.
Put on Socks
Bare feet and converse will always result in smelling feet. Therefore, if you are going to put on some converse, put on socks first.
Do not put on Wet Shoes
If your shoes get wet, say from rain or you fall into a puddle, allow the converse to dry completely. Putting on wet shoes does not only destroy the shoes but also causes your feet to smell.
Repair Your Shoes
If your shoes have some damage and you are not willing to dispose of, consider taking them to a repair shop. With a little repair, they may last while longer as you save up for the next shoe.
Store Your Shoes Properly
After you have followed all the above tips, the final tip is storing your shoes properly. You can invest in a good shoe rack for this. However, even with a shoe rack, consider staffing the tips of the shoe with some papers to make sure it retains its shape and size.

An alternative to this is using a shoetree; it also helps shoes to retain their original shape.
How to Clean Converse Shoes
Before you can begin cleaning your converse, you need to test the cleaning detergent of your choice. This is especially if it is the first time to use the detergent on the shoes. To test the detergent, apply it on the outer edge of the shoe’s tongue or any other hidden part of the shoe. If it does not bleach the shoe, then you can proceed using it.

Step 1: Remove any excess dirt on the shoes

Step 2: Mix mild sops in some lukewarm water

Step 3: Damp a cloth in the soapy water

Step 4: Using the damp cloth, rub on the stains on the converse until you get rid of the dirt and stains. Rub off the stains gently

Step 5: To scrub off the stains, you can use a gentle brush like the toothbrush. However, for tougher stains, you may need a standard brush.

Step 6: Once you are done with the fabric part of the shoes clean the sole using the brushes depending on the one that works. For this, focus on the front part of the shoe, the toe part. This part tends to collect a lot of dirt. For the soles, you can bleach them. However, be careful not to bleach the fabric part of the shoes.

Step 7: When you are satisfied your converse is clean, rinse them properly making sure you wash off all the soap residue.

If you do not have a cleaning solution, you can use a window cleaner, dish soap shampoo, or even body wash to clean your converse.

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Related Questions Can I clean my Converse shoes in a washing machine?
Just as you should not dry your converse shoes in a drier, converse warns on tossing your shoes in a washing machine. This is because the machine may be too rough on the shoes damaging the fabric and melting the glue which may eventually cause the shoe to fall apart. 

That said thou, for some other sneakers, you can wash them in the washing machine. Start by removing the laces from the shoes and removing the inner sole of the converse. The second step is to pre-treat your converse to get rid of any stains.

Place the treated shoes in a washable bag or a washable casing such as a pillowcase. This helps the washing machine not be pummeled during the washing cycle. Place the shoes in the washable bag in the washing machine and add a reasonable amount of detergent. Add some warm water and run the machine on a gentle cycle. When you are done washing your shoes, remove them and let them air dry.
Can I use baking soda to clean my converse shoes?
Yes, you can use baking soda to wash your converse. It works best for white converse shoes. Start by mixing some baking soda with laundry detergent to form a paste. Damp your converse shoes with some water and using a toothbrush scoop some paste and rub it on the shoes.

Scrub the shoe using the paste, and when you are satisfied that they are clean, rinse off the paste. Make sure you leave no traces of the paste.

Stuff the shoes with newspaper and let them air-dry overnight.

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