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The first step in the activity, planning, is where you should consider the materials and design you will use for you to achieve the look or feel you want to have for your home. This is where you might have challenges, as there are a lot of options to choose from. It is essential to narrow down your selection to things that you think will deliver the aesthetics you want. For example, for your kitchen and bath, you can choose from various tile designs, materials, or colors for your walls and flooring, so how do you start? First, you have to think of the overall vibe that your kitchen or bathroom would give off. If you want it simple, you can go with the common types of tiles, plain ceramic tiles in neutral tones. However, if what you are going for is more than the ordinary, you can go with mosaic tiles, marble tiles, or metallic tiles. Aside from the material, you also have to consider the pattern. Some common patterns for tiles are diamond, hexagon, herringbone, and basketweave. All these patterns can make your kitchen and bath look elegant, but one pattern that has been getting popular in recent times is basketweave. This pattern can make any room modern and luxurious or classic and chic depending on its material, design, and color. If you want your bathroom and kitchen to be eye-catching regardless of the overall theme you have in mind, we strongly recommend having basket weave tile.
DAINTY Kitchens by Eileen
Lovely white basketweave backsplash tiles for this dainty kitchen.
This traditional bathroom features Carrara basketweave tile, wood cabinets, and vanities made of Bianco Carrara marble.
TRANSITIONAL Bronzie Design + Build
The basketweave floor tile looks stunning in this transitional bathroom with blue storage cabinets and gray walls.
STYLISH Todd Richesin Interiors
Make an all-white bathroom gorgeous with polished brass hardware and basketweave floor tile.
COASTAL Morgan Howarth Photography
The coastal gray floor tiles, dark wood cabinets, and dark gray counter make this beach-style bathroom unique and stylish.
TIMELESS Laura Hunt Design
This bathroom looks elegant with gold hardware from Folger and Burt Hardware, tiles from Waterworks, and Calacatta Gold vanity top.
RIVERSIDE Frank Shirley Architects
Bianco Carrara honed basketweave mosaic tiles for this traditional bathroom in Boston.
CLASSIC Mark Williams Design Associates
This bathroom is proof that it’s hard to go wrong with Carrara marble basketweave mosaic tiles. The entire bathroom looks classic and chic.
VICTORIAN Four Brothers Design + Build
This Victorian powder room features a mirror, sink, and toilet from Duravit, in its 1930s series. The floor is a basketweave of Carrara with Bardiglio dots.
CERAMIC Caley Carpentry, LLC
The basketweave floor tiles look gorgeous in this traditional bathroom. The white and gray color combo is perfect!
The Advantages Of Basket Weave Tile Patterns
The basket weave tile pattern is called as such because it has a texture similar to the texture of a woven basket. It is the perfect tile pattern if you are after a different style for your wall or floor, whether in the kitchen or the bathroom. The design is most often simple, but it can add a significant impact to any room. The pattern is recommended for smaller spaces, or if an area is too big, you can have it on just have of the surface.

Because this tile pattern comes in various materials and colors, you will never run out of options that will reflect your personality and style. You can go with a porcelain basket weave tile or a ceramic basketweave tile. You can choose from neutral palettes or bold colors that can make part of your kitchen and bathroom stand out.

Aside from being a design that increases visual interest in your kitchen and bathroom, the basketweave tile pattern is versatile. You can have it on full walls and floors of a traditional kitchen or even a kitchen with a country theme. If you do not want too much of it, you can use it in smaller areas, on a backsplash, for example. You can also have it on an accent wall. Wherever you choose to have the tile pattern, it will surely add character to your kitchen or bathroom. The depth and sense of movement a basket weave tile pattern provides will not go unnoticed.
TRADITIONAL Joy Street Design
The backsplash and wall covering in this transitional kitchen in San Francisco is a beautiful basketweave that works well with the blue kitchen cabinets.
This traditional bathroom looks timeless with the breathtaking chandelier, patterned walls, white vanity, and basketweave floor tiles.
REFRESHING Richard F. Hall Custom Homes
Enjoy a relaxing and refreshing bath in this exquisite bathroom with basketweave floor tiles, a free-standing tub, and vanity for his and hers.
COLONIAL Moser Architects PLLC
This classy colonial bathroom looks magnificent with the Carrara marble countertop, basketweave floor tile, white vanity, and charming chandelier.
Installing Different Basket Weave Tile Patterns
You can choose from two basketweave tile patterns. One requires just brick-shaped tiles, while the other one requires brick-shaped tiles and small square tiles. Depending on your skills or preference, it can be a simple one or a high end tile pattern.

The more traditional and simple one is where brick-shaped tiles are stacked horizontally next to brick-shaped tiles stacked vertically. To create the basket weave tile pattern, lay two or more tiles together that will make a square. If you lay them horizontally at first, you have to lay the next set vertically. Then, alternate the angle for every set you lay. This process of laying the tiles provides a textured filed without frills.

The other process is a bit complicated, but it provides more texture. Here, brick-shaped tiles are placed next to small square tiles to create an interlocking patterns. Specifically, here are the steps to create this pattern, assuming that you start from the left-hand corner furthest the door of whichever room you will install the tiles.
Place a square tile. To the right of the square tile, place a rectangular tile in a vertical angle. Cut a rectangular tile so its width will be the same as the square tile. Place this in a horizontal angle below the first square tile. Under the cut tile, place another square tile. Then place two more directly opposite the first two square tiles on the other side of the tile you set vertically. To the right of the vertical tile, set another tile horizontally, making its end lay between the two square tiles. Reverse this pattern and repeat. Each rectangular tile should have two square tiles on both of its ends. QUINTESSENTIAL Diana Bier Interiors, LLC
The countertops and flooring are made of calacatta marble. The floor is set in a basketweave pattern and dotted with black marble.
CONTEMPORARY Keely Brewer Interior Design
Trendy and stylish contemporary bathroom with white and gray basketweave floor tiles and wall tiles in herringbone pattern.
MARBLE Cody Isaman – Photographer
The pretty basketweave floor tiles are from Specialized Tileworks Inc. They blend well with the marble walls.
OPEN CONCEPT Wilshire Cabinet + Co
This contemporary kitchen in Oklahoma features gray cabinets, gold hardware, and basket weave tile backsplash.
EXTRAVAGANT Jill Greaves Design
Traditional bathroom in Toronto looks glamorous with a free-standing tub, heated towel rack, luxurious chandelier, and basket weave tile for the floor.
SLEEK ColeBuilt
Carrara marble basketweave mosaic tile for the bathroom floor and Benjamin Moore’s Normandy for the cabinets. The walls are Benjamin Moore’s Ultra White.
For Your Kitchen
One place in your house where tiles are most probably used is the kitchen, and for a more dramatic visual, go with tiles in basketweave patterns. This tile pattern is excellent when used as an accent or on certain parts of your kitchen, like backsplashes. If you want to use more of it, you can cover full floors. Here are some ideas for your kitchen design utilizing basketweave tiles.

If you favor the colors gray and white, then basketweave marble tiles in Carrara White will look good on your kitchen walls. The frosty marble finish will add elegance to your kitchen. For a more exciting movement, have the patterns set diagonally. When placed next to a metallic countertop, the marble creates a soft contrast and adds dimension.

Another marble tile that will look great on modern kitchens is basketweave tile in Tundra Gray. This gray and beige tile design with gray accents go well with different color palettes – from neutral to dark.

If you want a modern appeal with a Mid-Century vibe for your kitchen, go with basket weave tile backsplash with Carrot Cake as the main color. Angel the tiles at 45 degrees for a more “quilted” look.

For a more classic-looking, go for a black and white pattern tile. You can have the bigger tiles in white and the small, square one in black for a timeless design. This color combination is perfect for your kitchen floors.
ECLECTIC Jodie Rosen Design
This modern bathroom features basketweave floor tile, marble vanity top, and custom medicine cabinets by Iripinia Kitchens.
MONOTONE Comfort Flooring
Basketweave floor tile from Anatolia Tile & Stone, white walls, quartzite countertops, and heated towel rack for this contemporary bathroom in Indianapolis.
DRAMATIC Adeeni Design Group
Honey onyx tile on the wall, black basketweave tile on the floor, and dark wood vanity for this contemporary bathroom in San Francisco.
ELEGANT FD Kitchen & Bath
Elegant traditional home remodel features basketweave floor tile, dark wood cabinets, and marble top.
For Your Bathroom
Basketweave tile in bathrooms is like a work of art. Having it is a way to exhibit your exquisite style and add enthusiasm to your home space. You can use different materials, but marble, porcelain, and ceramic are some of the materials that can make your bathroom look timeless.

Marble basketweave tile can take your bathroom to the next level when used on shower dividers, floors, and backsplashes. Because of its exquisite style, it can right away lift the visual of any space, making a lavish structure proclamation. As an additional advantage, a marble basket weave tile bathroom will feel colder in hotter months.

Porcelain basketweave tile is a reasonable alternative to add depth to your bathroom and give it a chic look and contemporary pizazz. Porcelain basketweave tiles flawlessly interlock with different tiles to make a seamless space transition. Also, they resist buildup and are anything but difficult to keep up, which makes them ideal for shower areas.

As flooring, basketweave black and white tile bathroom add extravagance to bathrooms since they can make an exceptional ambiance. They add a sprinkle of complexity to your stylistic theme and make your floors pop. Basketweave black and white tile floor may look basic and luxurious at the same time. The basketweave pattern can be on its own or blended with other designs. Ceramic basketweave tiles are recommended as flooring since they are stain-and scratch-safe. Moreover, they are water-resistant, which makes them ideal for your bathroom floor as it is often exposed to water.
CLASSY Moser Architects PLLC
This transitional bathroom looks refreshing with basketweave floor tile, marble vanity, and gray walls.
Beautiful wall with Tundra Gray Basketweave tile from MSI and a matching 12×24 tile on the floor for this contemporary bathroom.
Coming in a number of styles and materials, basketweave tile can add a feeling of movement to any structure that is just difficult to miss. It can be utilized in every design style, including both contemporary and vintage. With designs running from basic to intricate, basketweave tiles offer an excellent method to update bathrooms, kitchens, and areas and can be introduced on walls and floors. They come in a range of cool and warm tones and are produced using an assortment of materials, including porcelain, glass, and natural stone. They look exquisite and are perfect for adding timeless style to your home’s interiors. These sturdy tiles come in various tones that suit any color scheme. You can also match them with different kinds of tile to make a remarkable impact and a refined look that will speak to most tastes.

We recommend having basketweave tiles in kitchens and bathrooms as an extraordinary method to exhibit your exquisite style and add enthusiasm to your home space. They can be utilized on floors and walls to make an organized look. Regardless of whether you want something unpretentious to keep your kitchen or bathroom basic or if you need tiles to make a statement, this exciting tile pattern will work with your vision. With the wide array of options you have when it comes to basketweave tiles, surely, you can find the right one that fits your style and personality.

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