Every home kitchen deserves the right kind of love and attention to make it shine like a star, and Arizona native and The Inspired Home contributor, Destiny Alfonso, truly does that

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She outdoes herself with redesigning her kitchen’s prep area to make it more functional and stylish at the same time, utilizing her eye for design and performance to create a chic yet sensible kitchen. By adding the right tools and understanding her kitchen’s flow, she is able to organize it in order to optimize its use while also keeping it up-to-date with contemporary style.

Partnering with Kingston Brass, Alfonso gives her kitchen island a wonderful upgrade with a single hole kitchen faucet from their signature Heritage Collection and a towel bar from their English Vintage Collection. Finding herself with a gorgeous prep area, the Arizona native was inspired to give it the facelift it needed to be more practical. With her own tips and tricks in hand and Kingston Brass’s Heritage kitchen faucet and English Vintage towel bar following suit, she recreated her kitchen island to be the preparation area’s star.

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Because a kitchen island gives so much extra space to prep, she made the towel bar the place to store her dishtowels while also taking advantage of its antique design to give her kitchen that vintage flair. Since storage is a major factor in the organization and functionality of a kitchen preparation area, the towel bar is a convenient feature to have because it will create more space for you in areas you would have never thought of. Common areas like the counter or under the cabinets of your kitchen island can get filled really fast with kitchen essentials like bowls and knives, it is a great idea to have a fixture to really enhance the use of your kitchen to its fullest. The Inspired Home contributor also notes that another way to really enhance your kitchen island is through the upgrade of a kitchen faucet. The Heritage single hole faucet from Kingston Brass was specifically designed to be a space-saver because of its single-hole installation type, taking up less space than a traditional two or three-hole kitchen faucet. It is a low maintenance faucet because it is easy to install and less faucet base to clean around. Not to mention, the extra feature of a side sprayer makes cleaning a breeze and just about effortless.

From “How to Organize Your Kitchen Prep Area”

Keeping simplicity and elegance in mind, Alfonso’s kitchen remains to showcase the refreshing contemporary design while giving the room the upgrade she wanted. Playing with the white color scheme of her kitchen, the Arizona native really completes her kitchen with the addition of the Kingston Brass’s featured faucet and accessory. The shiny polished chrome and brushed nickel color really stand out against the white color of the kitchen island while also pairing well with her stainless steel kitchen appliances. The antique design of the faucet and towel bar makes it a wonderful addition to the contemporary kitchen, crafting a refined yet relaxed air to the kitchen’s aesthetic and enhancing its sense of home and peaceful luxury.

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