Fish Tacos

This past week Andy and I decided to celebrate TACO TUESDAY! On the menu was fish tacos. I looked up several recipes but decided to use the tempura batter I had at home and then add taco seasoning to the batter for extra flavoring! It was a pretty easy meal …but it took a bit longer to put all together than I hoped LOL. Because we were trying to perfect this reel. 😆

Here is what you need:

  • White fish
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Taco seasoning
  • Flour/tempura flour
  • Egg/Water/Beer
  • Oil
  • Corn tortillas
  • Lettuce/cabbage
  • Salsa/tomatoes
  • Sour cream/cream
  • Avocado/guacamole

I used frozen cod that I let defrost over night. I took the fish filets and laid them on a paper towel lined plate. I wanted some of the express water in the filets to be absorb by the paper towel. I then pat them dry with paper towel. Next a seasoned them with some salt and pepper. I heated about ½ inch of oil in a pan. Then came preparing the tempura batter. I followed the directions on the box…or tried to because the direction said to use the whole box. I cut the recipe in half. I pour the tempura flour in the bowl first with my Baja taco seasoning. Mixed the two together. Then I added one egg and water. As I combined, I realized it was a bit too liquidy, so I added more tempura flour. Note to self…next time slowly at the water LOL. We made it work. It wasn’t as thick as I hoped, but we ended up taking out some shrimp from the freezer as well to use more of the batter. After the batter was combined, Andy wanted to let the fish and shrimp in the bowl to absorb some flavor.

So we prepped the toppings and nachos, because what is a Taco Tuesday without nachos! I did not have cabbage so I thinly sliced lettuce ends for the added crunch. We had some guac, salsa and sour cream as well.Once the oil was hot we fried the fish and shrimp. It didn’t take long; only several minutes on each side. When finished, I placed filets on a wired rack to allow access oil to drip off. I toasted the corn tortillas in another pan so they were warm fo our tacos.

We topped our nachos with onions, tomatoes and cheese and popped them under the high broil for 3-5 minutes. Next I spread sour cream, gauc and salsa on the corn tortilla and top it with the fish filet and lettuce. They turned out quite delicious and paired well with the nachos! The tempura batter was light and flavorful. Next time I will still add the water slowly to have a thicker batter.

Do you have a favorite batter recipe for your fish tacos? Please share it with me because I would love to try it – comment below!

Live to Eat,

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