Frosted Zucchini Bars

Zucchini a type of summer sqaush with many culinary uses. While often cooked it's great in salads, dips, wraps and even spiralized to make low carb noodles.  
My neighbor had 50 and wanted to give me 10. But I took only 1 since we are just a party of and this zucchini certainly was a hefty size.  It was perfect cut in half to use on my spiralizer machine. My husband was enlisted for this step. He kept turning the handle saying "Is this enough?" while I'm shouting "Stop!" 
So now I have massive amounts of zucchini with a recipe that only called for 2 cups. I guess I now I"ll be making lo-carb noodles.
Frosted Zucchini Bars
Cook's Notes: The cake was moist and a delicious pick-me-up snack on a very rainy stormy day. Recipe from
Cooking Tips: Place a clean kitchen towel on counter. Spread zucchini out on towel and roll it up to squeeze out moisture. Spread out zucchini on towel to slightly dry while assembing the bars. 

Bar Ingredients: 

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