Hey Pandas, What Was The Dumbest Way You Got Injured?

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#1I was playing catch in an apartment building and the door got shut off in front of me, so I hit it with my forehead. It made a Harry Potter gash in the middle of my forehead, and I still have it.#2I punched a metal pole to see if it would hurt. It did#3I was like two and me and my sister shared a bunk bed and i forgot it was in the middle of the room and went to lean on the wall and fell. Now I am blind in one eye.#4I was in an antique store and there was an old vertical steamer trunk that was locked. I asked about it and the clerk said it came in that way with no key. I **had** to open it to see if there was treasure inside, so I asked if she had a screwdriver. I then slid the screwdriver under the hasp and started pulling up on it. The hasp gave way and I was still pulling hard and the screwdriver went up my nose. Got a bloody nose out of it, but I was so lucky that I didn't stab my eye or punch a hole in my cheek!#5when i was like 1 years old my dad was changing my diaper and i dropped something on the ground so he bent over to pick it up and i decided to roll of the couch and help soooo that is how i broke my collarbone#6So I'm not a fan of bugs. My brother and I were chasing this VERY LARGE fly around the house with the swatter. I was standing on the second step of a staircase when the fly dive-bombed my head, and I reflexively ducked and sort of leaped away. I forgot I was standing on the stairs. I thought I was on flat ground. I landed on my arm and broke my wrist. OUCH. So. Yeah, basically a fly broke my arm. ???‍♀️#7After we saw Jurassic World, I chased my children through the parking lot imitating a Velociraptor, and threw my back out.#8a bone spur in my arm caught and severed my ulner nerve when i was hooking my bra. had to have surgery to relocated and reconnect it. at least i no longer have the risk of hitting my 'funny bone' on the right elbow and is now a lethal weapon if i want to jab someone without pain.#9I was sleeping in an awkward position, after I woke up I couldn't walk. I had to go to the ER, and I stayed there for 3 weeks. Now I have a HUGE scar on my left leg, and there are 5 roundish scars on both sides of the scar. Gets smaller by about a centimetre each year..#10I gave myself an ear infection by cleaning my ears too much.#11I was 5 and my top 2 teeth were loose. They were not loose enough to pull out but being 5, I ripped both of them out of my mouth. It started spurting blood everywhere and I fainted. My mom came in and saw the blood and took me to the ER. When I woke up the doctor told me to never do that again. I haven't.#12I was 6 or 7. I fell off a chair. I broke my arm. I broke my arm by falling off a chair.#13I was bored one day as per usual ( I was prone to getting injuries back then and still am) my mum called up to my room because dinner was ready and I opened my door.

I stubbed my toe against the open door and stumbled backwards only for my head and ankle to hit the corner of my bookcase, once I recovered from this I went downstairs only to trip over a stray shoe, most likely stolen by my dog, and I fell four steps hitting my head once again but this time against the banister.

I'm a clutz I know...#14I don't know if this is really dumb or just unlucky, but I was decided to try and naurto run and somehow I fell face forward, and my face scraped on the pavement. I got a question mark scar on my right cheek- it's been about 4 years and it's faded but you can see it if you look really closely#15I was in my school’s production of Mary Poppins in 7th grade- was coming offstage, missed the step(in heels!) whacked my knee against the door.... turns out I danced through ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ with a mildly fractured kneecap... fun times!#16Ok...this takes a bit of visualization. Deep breath -

I was sitting on a little stone wall in our large yard, reading a book, minding my own business. My brother was mowing part of the lawn at the front of the house. So -

1} My other brother, who is an ass even Lo, to this day, pulls up into the gravel driveway as if he's being chased by rabid moose and slams on the brakes scattering gravel all over....

2} Our giant old dog, who was laying in the sun minding his own business, gets startled awake and is scared so dashes madly to my brother who is mowing the lawn and jumps on his back unexpectedly...

3} Brother is startled and knocked to the ground and lets go of the lawnmower which travels on its own into the downspout/ gutter sticking out of the side of the house and tears it off....

4} Downspout, which is now about 15 feet of metal pole, tips sideways like a falling tree and smacks me on my shoulder area, dislocating my shoulder and cutting my ear. All I saw was a slight shadow pass by like a bird had flown overhead.

I had to go to hospital and needed 3 stitches in my ear and my shoulder reset.

Anytime I tell this people helpfully suggest it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time :)#17When I was 4 or 5, I decided to mess around with scissors. I cut my hair, my backpack, and the couch up.When I was hanging off a chair, I fell. I tried to put my arms out to stop myself from falling, but somehow the scissors in my hand PIERCED the back of my head, and there was blood EVERYWHERE. My dad was too broke at the time to take me to the ER, but he put a wet towel on my head and the bleeding stopped. Still don't know if I have a scar.#18This happened in 1978 and I was bar-hopping with a friend. Upon leaving the club he demanded I walk a straight line to prove I could drive. I did as he asked and promptly (and literally) fell off my platform shoes on an uneven sidewalk. I broke my ankle and had to wear a cast for over 3 months. A few months later I fell off my shoes again...#19playing fetch with my dog who only cares about the ball not her surroundings
Roller blading broke wrist all the way around both bones#20I am a retired NYS Trooper. We are a rural police force and patrol in all kinds of weather. One winter night my 11PM-7AM shift end with a freezing rain that started around 6AM icing roads and all other surfaces. We had a new baby so it was common for me to call home to see if my wife needed anything and she asked that I pickup a gallon of milk . Upon arriving home I backed into my parking spot stepped out onto the running board of my truck. Then jumped onto the driveway where my feet went right out from under me and I fell ON THE SLICK ICE with gallon of milk in my left hand. Milk cushion my fall and I ONLY broke 3 ribs.#21Serving my country#22Easy. Five days ago, two inch deep cut in my thumb because I thought it would be a good idea to dislodge the lawnmower blade by using a wrench and then turning the power on. No. Never. NEVER. I still have a thumb and I’m very thankful for that. It’ll be a cracking scar though.#23I'm not sure if this is considered dumb but I think it is so here we go.
I was at school in 2nd grade at recess, my friend ran up to a recess lady to ask how much time we had left in recess, because we wanted to do something but he wasn't sure we'd have enough time. I followed him, my hands were in my coat pocket. I didn't pick my feet up enough while walking and when attempting to walk onto the concrete to follow him I tripped. In those 2 seconds before I hit the ground I decided I didn't want to scratch up my hands so I kept them in my pockets and hit the ground with my face. The recess guard my friend was talking to ran over and literally sprinted through the building to get me to the nurses office.
I had broke my nose and scratched my whole face up. Now, 6 years later, my nose STILL hurts when I touch it (even after surgery) and I have scars under my nose and in my eyebrows where i needed stitches.#24It was 10 p.m. at night and I was dancing to Laxed Siren Beat (the TikTok dance) and suddenly I heard my knee pop. Oof.#25I was chasing my dog around the dining room table, tripped on his bone, fell and broke my foot.#26On two occasions: the first when I was 62 years old I decided to climb a mulberry tree (it had a huge fruit about 12 feet high) and jumped - result: I fractured my left foot in 3 places (calcaneus, cuboid and metatarsus) . The second occurred a short time later when I wished to remove a corrugated glass porthole with several cracks - result: I cut my right wrist leaving a trail of blood through the corridors and rooms of my workplace.#27I sprained my ankle by walking and tripped on thin air. THIN AIR!!!#28I spent my second year of high school aboard a sailing ship (long story.) We were docked in Brazil at the mouth of the Amazon. The deck was wet from a hosing down and for some perfectly good reason I threw a potato at one of the cooks who had just come out of the galley. Always clowning around.
Well I missed him and slipped on the wet deck landing on my shoulder. So for the next 3 weeks, the other kids (crew) were on field trips and running the ship while I was trying to catch up on my Algebra with my arm in a sling, nursing a broken collarbone. From throwing a potato. At the cook.#29And another science of stupid episode....Old china-cabinet with a marble top FULL of china weighing some 350kg.I wanted to move it to another place and called on my husband and sons to help me.They were upstairs watching a soccer-game and in no mind to help.Too lazy to empty cupboard supermama here thought,I can manage on my own and lifted it up in order to slide it across the floor.CRACK! and I could not move to an upright position.!0 days in excruciate pain eating handful of painkillers till it got so bad my husband demanded I see a doctor. I had a crushed vertebra and was operated on sos.118 stitches in my back and 5 months in bed.I still suffer the consequences of my idiocy as any weight-lifting or wrong move will give me days of nasty pain. Funny fact,dancing is the best remedy.#30i was riding on the front of my brothers bike and my leg got stuck in the wheel#31I was in grade school and we were playing something like sharks and minnows in my gym or something. if you dont know the game it where there are people in the center of the gym and they have to catch the people running back and forth from each side of the gym. anyway, I was running and I had almost gotten to the other side when this other kid pushed me and I slammed my head against the wall. then as the gym teacher was escorting me to the nurse, this other kid threw his hands into the air because a friend of his got to the other side. but when he threw his hands out, it punched me. so now i'm wobblying here and there until I slam my face into the door on the way out.#32Me and my sister had a Digiornopizza in the oven, and when it was done she told me to “Take the rack out.” So I took the whole shelf out of the oven and was holding it in my oven mitts. I was just kinda standing there, and the heat was starting to go through the mitts, so I decide to move the rack back a bit. Hit my arm, and now I have a burn scar.#33I fell over the curb by my driveway a few weeks ago and now have a huge scar on my chin. I am SUPER KLUTZ. =_=#34i ate moldy whipped cream not knowing it was expired... followed by lots of puke#35I'm not sure how dumb this is but it's still hurt:
I was over at my friends house, my parents were watching a football game and my friend had a creek behind his house we were taking the usual path but this time I decided to walk around the branch my friends was holding for me and walked right into a bigger much more painful branch, to this day I still have a scar.

I also climbed a tree fell out of it blood every where in my back yard scar is still insainly big.#36I have a scar on my thumb from legos. I was building something big and one part of it fell on my thumb. It bled and everything. The scar is small now, but it's there.#37I am a girl. When I was potty training at age two, I tried to pee standing up like a boy. I peed all over the floor, slipped in said pee and my bottom two teeth went through my lower lip. I needed 7 stitches to fix it and I still have a scar.#38Grandfather’s tombstone fell on my legs. Tombstone people said that it was my fault. My grandmother looked over the paperwork and saw that it was supposed to last 20 years. My grandfather died 12 years ago#39Broke my arm in gym class while practicing cartwheels. Totally missed the exercise mat. Embarrassing. But I got the rest of the week off from school, the rest of the term excused from PE. Excellent trade-off.#40In a middle of a family gathering while we were having a hotpot meal, my cousin told me that the blue fire from the hotpot was cold and convinced me to touch it. I can safely assure that it was the last time I ever trusted him.#41I was around 6 when my front teeth were moving. My father playfully punched me in the face and my teeth came out. Now, he scares my siblings with this incident. (It was his wedding ring though that did all the trick)#42Walking to the microwave to heat a baby bottle. My left knee dislocated when all my weight was on it, tore a chunk off my femur which lodged behind my kneecap X( Surgeon said he'd only seen this injury in cases of extreme sports! Not baby bottles. Thankfully I wasn't also holding baby!#43I ran into a coffee table and got a massive bump on my forehead.
Did a flash mob at the mall and while we were practicing in our hidden room, my friend and I did a trick and it turned out that she didn't know how to land me correctly so I was crashed into the floor and I now have a scar on my knee.
While I was in Croatia, I hit my hand on the back of a chair and now have a scar on my hand too.#44Did a thorough cleaning in our dining room (furniture polish, etc), but forgot to do a thorough mopping to clean up any polish residue. Two weeks later, rainy day means damp shoes. Damp shoes + hands full + polish residue = me slipping and fracturing my cheekbone on a corner moulding. Also cut my cheek in the process and had a “dimple” where it healed for like a year. Was 3 years before I could put pressure on the underside of that cheekbone, and it’s prone to getting sore in cold weather and with sinus pressure.

Runner up, near miss. Was telling a friend I’m horribly prone to klutz attacks. He didn’t believe me until I fell off a stool a few minutes later. Luckily no serious injury, and felt a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy.#45When I was 8 or 9 I was playing kickball, and i tried to catch a kickball and fractured one of my pinky bones...#46*As a child we played and one of my friends was chasing me to the bathroom. I slipped on the rug and chipped one of my front teeth at the wash bassin.
*Nearly drowned in a small pond as a child and one year later nearly again swimming with my Kindergarten group. The pool was too deep and the teachers jerks.
*Lost my balance and fell in an (thanks god) empty pond, broke my arm.
*Missed a step and dislocated my knee-cap.#47Tap Dancing, I was 8.#48This is not about me but it is about my SISTER ! She is 11 now but last year my sister fell out the back door and this was the most surprising part she had sprained her rust we went to the hospital and had waited 5 hours before we were actually seen by the doctors by then it was 9:00 pm crazy right .#49I jumped into my fish tank when I was little, one of my feet hit the coral and rocks we put on the bottom, left a nasty gash! I still have the scar.#50I broke my big toe and the one next to it playing a pick-up game of soccer in moccasins. I ended up having to have surgery and fused toes. For my finale in the sporting realm, I broke my finger playing foosball. No surgery, just a lot of ribbing.#51Picture the Philippines,in the middle of the jungle,the middle of the night,no light whatsoever and I put my naked foot into my sandal.A scorpion got annoyed and I got stung. No hospital or medic for miles and 3 days before flying back to Hongkong.Stranded in Manilla airport for 17 hrs as taifoon raging in HK.Finally arrived at hospital with a leg the size of an elephant.Septicemia way up to my knee.Doctor told me I would have had my leg amputated if it had passed over my knee.I dodged the bullet this time.#52I was sitting on one of those Little Tykes cars when we used to still have one, eating a snack, and my friend pushed me, sending me flying of the back, as you can’t balance on one of those. I couldn’t breathe for a bit after landing on the patio.#53I have a couple.... and maybe more if I thought about it. But My top three:
Tried to be a good neighbor when my neighbor was locked out by her toddler, tried to slide the window of her room up to get in. In our apartments if you pushed in and up you'd bypass the lock. Super secure stuff. lol. Anyway I let go too soon, and the window shattered cutting my arm all to pieces. But I got her in and the baby was fine. I offered to pay for the window too but she declined.
#2 Went into a Best Buy (electronics store) reached down to pick up a blue ray and pulled my back out ended up in surgery.
#3 Jumping on a trampoline with my kiddos, one tried to "steal" my jump, completely DETACHED my ACL when I landed, also resulting in surgery. fml.#54Oh I could go on and on. Once when I was 5 or 6 I tried to "sharpen" my finger with a pencil sharpener. My brother wanted to be batman so he jumped on a cooler and slipped. He has a scar now. My mom broke her ankle twice by jumpin off of something less thann 3 feet. I got a splinter in my leg and tried to pull it out put the tip broke off, so we went to some doctor but they didnt get it out either, so its still in my leg. And this ones not so dumb but when I was 2 or younger my sister hit me with a rock. On the head, because I wouldnt get out of the way and I had to get stiches. And thats only like half.#55I tripped off a curb and wound up breaking my arm. I didn’t see the step down and tried to catch myself. That’s probably the dumbest way I’ve ever injured myself which is saying a lot because I am a major clutz.

I was also doing a production of Godspell at college. I couldn’t do a lot of the dancing, but luckily I was supposed to be a videographer. The show must go on and I wasn’t about to let a broken arm keep me from going on stage and performing.#56A few come to mind.

I don't remember this happening but apparently when I was a toddler we had a loft bed, and below that was my old crib which I had grown out of, which was used by my older sister as a play pen for her dolls. As it happens I was apparently playing on the top bunk, only to trip and fall down the gap - the bed didn't stand flush against the wall for some reason - between the bed and the wall and managed to hit the corner of the crib with my shoulder blade... And managed to break my collarbone. I still don't understand how I broke the collarbone I star of the shoulder blade.

Then a few years later, as a child I once had a huge chunk of rock with parts of it being of quartz and a little bit of amethyst. Little me decided that I wanted some of amethyst splinters so I took a screwdriver and tried to chisel some off, only to slip and manage to cut open a vein on the underside of my right wrist. Weirdly enough it didn't bleed much at all and healed up nicely. Did leave a scar though.

Another time - I was already a teenager around 15 or 16 years or so - I was hearing up some buns in the oven. Once they were done I pulled the rack they were on out and held it with one hand - cause we only had one oven mitt - lost balance and got the bright idea to stabilize it with my left arm... Now I got a nice burn scar reminding me of that more a decade later.

You'd think I'd wisened up about being careful around hot stuff, but no... About 7 years ago or so, I once again was working with a hot oven, only this time I put something inside it, saw that the cooking parchment was getting dangerously close to the oven walls and reached in to fix that... Only to burn the top of my right lower arm on the top edge of the oven opening.

So yeah... I am a pretty big klutz, but that apparently runs in my family as both my parents and my older sister had their fair share of dumb accidents like that.#57I stood up when my foot was asleep, walked out my door, and promptly fell down a set of stairs. Twisted my ankle so bad it hurt for the next 2 weeks ?#58I was about about 5 and we were visiting family in Tijuana Mexico. My sisters thought it would be funny to scare me by running and leaving me behind in a scary neighborhood. They ran, closed and locked the door on me. I was trying to get in banging on the door and went to high and broke the glass. I cut my wrist blood everywhere. My mom had to hurry and take me to a doctor. They stitched it up. I don't think they used numbing medicine because I felt the needle going in and out while they were stitching me. That wasn't the only time I got hurt because of there games.#59I was playing volleyball at school, and I went to move to where the ball was coming to, but I somehow rolled my ankle, tripped, and then smashed my elbow into the concrete. I was really embarrassed so I just started laughing through the pain#60I was at a mall with one of those automatic sliding doors. There was a security guard outside the door, and she asked me to show her, my bag. So obviously I show her my bag and I'm zipping it up as I was running to the door (cuz, I was 11 & My dad was far away from me, I thought I was gonna loose him). For some reason, the automatic did not open, and BANGG!! I hit my forehead so hard on that freaking door. Every single person in plain sight was staring at me. I didn't know If I was embarrassed or hurt.
I threw up that entire night. I was taken to the hospital. And I had to take medicines for an entire week.#61when i was in 3rd grade i was at the park with my friend and there were these step stone things about 3 feet high and you would step on each one and go to the end, well I stepped on one and then I stepped again and there wasn't another one there, so I fell and sprained my ankle really bad and it still hurts not this day, and I just went to the doctor about it last week and she said the tendon keeps flipping over and going under and over my bone ?#62I got stabbed by an amusement park ride. It was dark out and I was really young and a few of the seats on the ride had caution tape over them, but I wasn’t paying attention, so I sat down. Honestly I don’t remember feeling the pain- I even changed seats and went through the whole ride before I felt something wet on my leg. I went into a port-o-potty to try and see what the damage was, but it was too dark, so I never saw anything. I never saw how bad it was, but I’ve got a massive scar over the back of my leg now lol#63When I was around 6 years, my big sister and I were pretending to waltz. She twirled me. Twirl, twirl, twirl—right into the corner of the wall. I still have the scar smack in the middle of my forehead.#64One time when I was three I was standing on a stool and attempted to WALK off of it, yes, not jump, or carefully step down, but I literally walked straight off and cut my lip pretty bad#65I have a few: One time while camping I was trying to find a fort with friends (I was 6-8ish years old) and we found this perfect spot except it was in a thorn tree. I don't know what they are called but they are big bushy trees with inch-long thorns. Anyways I was wearing cheap flip-flops and climbing around in this thing, I step on a low branch and the thorn goes through my shoe into my foot. That thorn was in my foot for months because I was too scared to let my parents take it out.

Another time we were playing games and I was pushing my brother around on one of those plastic scooter things you have in school. I round a corner and lose control, then I lose my grip. I land on my thumb. AGONY!!! Turns out I broke it and tore a ligament. That is how I got my first and so far only broken bone. (I was eleven)#66I remember that around 10, I would always climb to the very top of the tree in my front yard. Like...really high. As high as I could go. My family was always worried I would break every bone in my body from how high I climbed. It was bad.

One time, I was sitting on a tree branch, just chilling there. Then, a wasp decided to fly around where I was in the tree. Not wanting to get stung, I slowly tried climbing out of the tree, avoiding the wasp in the process (I dunno what wasps like about me, but they always swarm around my face and ears, which made me terrified of wasps all my life).
I got to the bottom, and...I was fine. I got out of the situation unscathed. I started skipping happily on my driveway, relieved that I didn't get stung or fall out of the tree...only to scrape the side of my foot on the pavement, taking off a decent measurement of skin.
I had the scar afterwards for 6 months.#67When I was in 5th grade, my grandparents lived/lives in a very rural area and you have to go up a hill filled with gravel to get to their house and there was another pathway that led to a flat pathway lined with trees. Anyway, me and my grandpa usually went on the tree pathway to ride our bikes. But I visited with my parents and my dad didn't know about that so we went down the hill. My dumb 5th-grade butt decided it would be a good idea to take my feet off the peddles and I tumbled all the way down the hill. My face, my legs, and my arms were skinned to hell and we went back inside the house and I said "I got hurt' This happened over winter break and I was participating in a spelling bee in January and I was more upset about not being able to perform in it than being hurt. My grandparents and I still call it 'the Cece Hill' to this day. Anyway, sorry for the long read, just had to post my story.#68I was 6-7 at the time when I did this. It was autumn and where I live there are a lot of oak trees which drop acorns during autumn. For some reason I thought roller skating on acorns in sneakers without socks was a great idea. It wasn’t. I have a raised scar on my foot now from that silly idea.#69I ran in the long grass and stepped on broken glass. I didn’t feel it until I was inside#70Stepped on a bee

It stung me

And the stinger didn’t come off

So a bee was attached to me toe twt#71Trying to snowboard...on a snow shovel down a hill of ice. Broke my wrist....#72I was sitting on a basketball trying to tie my tennis shoes and fell off the ball. 3 surgeries down....still haven't fully recovered.....lol. And that was in 1972! lol#73When I was about two or three I tripped over several times on separate occasions walking up to my cousin's school with my mum, but I wouldn't put my hands out to stop myself from hitting the ground and every single time I ended up with a graze on my lip right underneath my nose. I mean, how??

I also injured myself whilst talking to my grandma outside the bathroom door. I stupidly put my fingers in the hinges of the door and my sister walked into the bathroom and shut the door... My nails did grow back.#74I slipped over a paper bag on my way to the kitchen and somehow became stuck in the doorway - nearly folded myself in half. I broke my foot and tore a muscle in my wrist. The injuries were pretty painful but having to explain to the doctor what happened hurt a lot more.#75I was roller-skating with my cousin and I was holding ice tea and then I slipped and fell like a cartoon it was hilarious I didn't get that hurt though just scraped my elbow lol#76It was late, I didn't want to turn the lights on while going to the toilet. Banged my knee against the bedframe. Got an icepack from the fridge to compress my knee. Water dripped on the floor from the icepack. While trying to get up, slipped on it, fell, and busted the other knee.#77I wore my soccer shoes inside with sunscreen lotion on, I slipped and hit my knee on the corner of the door.(I could not even get out of the door without help!)#78I was playing with my twinc sister (we were 5 or 6 at the time) with a sheep skin rug using it as a sled (she was pulling it as was sitting on it) and I fell on top of a broken bottle that was laying near by. I cut my wrist and have a scar now.#79I was playing tag with some kids, and without paying attention I ran into a pole bust opening my forehead and not like in a crazy way but u know when Like its a lot of bleeding u can see your forehead idk just basically running into a pole#80I was in Jr. High School (called middle school these days) and was invited to an evening house party. Wearing platform tennis shoes, I decided to do some dancing early in the day. My foot turned over and I sprained my ankle.

A few years ago, at my job, we were hosting an outdoor fair for the families who used our services. We had a hotdog roaster and I reached in to get a kid a hotdog and burned my arm...reached back in a few minutes later and burned myself again...on the same spot.#81I was walking on a playground bridge in winter. It was slippery. I fell. My hands were in my pockets. I ended up in the ER. I got 5 stitches on my chin. Still have the dang scar.#82Group of us at the school gate in the morning waiting for it to open. We decided to start dancing to pass the time. Uncoodinated and silly with lots of jumping, being a right bunch of loons as you do with your mates. After landing from a jump I stood on a pen - we think it fell from someone's pocket - it rolled and I fell into the pebbles next to us. Onto a shard of glass hidden in the pebbles. I had to be taken to hospital by a teacher with glass in my cheek. Yes I have a mark from the glass and stitches.#83I cut Open my Arm on a washing machine. Don’t ask how. I have no clue#84when I was 10 I fell out my back door and broke my wrist and spent 7 and a half hours in a and e#85I ran full speed into a freshly washed sliding door when I heard a baby cry.#86I was really little and was on the floor playing with my legos. I decided to get myself a glass of water but I walked too fast, fell, and hit a lego on the bottom of my chin. I still have the scar, it’s pretty big.#87Getting ready to take a shower. I opened the shower door, saw no soap, turned to get it from the sink and forgot I left the shower door open and walked right into the corner of the door and split the corner of my eye open. Lotta blood.#88I was in an auditorium full of seats with plastic backs (important). I dropped a piece of paper and bent down to grab it without looking. Ending up getting a mild concussion... while sitting down.#89I was clearing out my coat pockets and there was a dry stick there. While pulling it out I got a huge splinter under my nail. Ouch#90I was 3 or 4 and i loved gymnastics. i somersalted(rolled) off the couch into the corner of our glass coffee table and bustedd right above my eyebrow open and broke thee table. never did that again#91I... uhh... sliced my hand open between my thumb and index finger on a soup can... OOF#92Once my mom baked garlic bread and I was super excited to eat it. I was too short to reach up above the pan and get it, so I stood on my tiptoes and immediately fell forward and I still have a burn scar on my chin from the pan.
Another time, I was hiking and this beetle landed on my shoulder. I GENTLY brushed it off. It then flew to my hand and bit me so hard it took a teeny tiny chunk of skin off my hand.#93I was running to see my neighbor's dogs and tripped. Now I have a realllyyyy big scar on my knee (from scraping it)#94Before I learned how to ride a bike, I had a tricycle that I used to ride around our house. One day, I was riding, and my dad's friend decided he'd push me to make me go faster. My child-speed reactions were not fast enough to keep up with him running at full speed as an adult, so I lost control as we went around my dad's car, and I crashed into an old freezer my dad was getting rid of. I flipped over the handlebars, and slammed face first onto the edge of the freezer. Really bad nosebleed and the bridge of my nose is permanently wonky, but it could have been a lot worse.#95I was 9-10. My aunts wedding was in Arizona and I was one of the bridesmaids. I was wearing a long light blue dress and flats. My cousins (one a girl who was also a bridesmaid like me, and another a boy, who was a groomsman (my uncles who was getting married to my aunts son) we decided to play tag outside. While we were playing I was it. He ran into the men bathroom to get away, but right near the men’s bathroom there were rose bushes, so I turned and tripped over my dress and cut my arm. I didn’t tell or show my mom (she overreacts over stuff a lot) and we went home on a plane (cut wasn’t covered) when we got home it apparently got infected (it was super bad) and as I said previously my mom was freaking out talking about how my arm might have to be amputated. Turns out I have a disease that is contagious for a few weeks or less that causes my wounds to get yellow puss sometimes. I have gotten so many scars from it. The disease is called impetigo for any of you who were wondering. It’s fairly common. This isn’t really dumb but the dumb part was probably hiding it from my mom. Here’s a link to a Google search of the disease: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/impetigo/symptoms-causes/syc-20352352

(it isn’t always around face and mouth but can be) I only have a lot of scars from it because it’s really itchy and so I scratch and then infect it even more. (Another dumb thing I do)#96I have two. One is I stepped through a water meter snd sprained my ankle, which made me fall back into a fire hydrant and my back slammed into the top, then ran into my glass front door. The second is a hit my knee on the underside of my grandmothers oak table and bruised so bad that it last 2 months (pale people problem too).#97I burned myself with motlen marshmallow at a camp out#98I walked into a mechanics pit. Me, my boyfriend, and cousin were removing a metal plate that was coving the pit. I walked forward into the pit without thinking. Ended up in the hospital emergency department.#99When I was very young (4 or 5) I had this notion that hitting your nose makes you sneeze. Wanted to try it so took a hardcover book and slammed it hard into my nose - got a bad bloody nose, thankfully I didn’t sneeze also!#100When I was about 3-4 years old, I decided riding my tricycle on the sidewalk was too boring. Looking for "a bumpy ride," I decided to try riding off the porch at my Nana's house down 5 concrete steps. As the front wheel of my trike rolled past the first step, "THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA" flashed through my head. This was immediately followed by my head crashing onto the steps. Basically, my tricycle then rode me down the rest of those steps. Fortunately, other than my pride, nothing was broken, but I had scars on my face, scalp, arms, and legs. (Yes, this was in the 1960's so I was definitely NOT wearing a helmet. No, I definitely did NOT try that stunt again!)#101I was running indoors when I wasn't supposed to, stopped, turned around partially, and fell over sideways, breaking my foot. We were in the waiting room at the ER for FOUR hours; two to get the x-rays, two more to get the results.#102i was around 8-9 years old an we were at my mums bffffffffffffff's house and she has a mango tree in her backyard, i asked Rachel (my mums friend) to put me in the tree, so she did and mum said "careful that branch is dead" i say "what bran- *leans on the dead branch*" and i landed on a pile on the ground.....broke my wrist

also when i was really young like 5-6 i was walking down stairs and mum said "be careful you might slip." i said "i know what i am doing mummmm." and then...yep you guessed it down the stairs i go about 120-ish stairs....hmm not the best experience i broke my wrist...#103Dislocated my wrist at the airport because I lift my luggage the wrong way. It was a one hour flight, but felt like eternity.#104My toddler brother wipes his boogers on the wall. I was given the job to clean the dried boogers. Lo and behold, I cut myself on one. It bled for an hour. A DRIED BOOGER CUT ME. Yeah, I told everyone it was a papercut.#105One side of my bed was next to the wall. While sleeping, I rolled to wrong side. Woke up to the crunchy sound (and pain) of my nose breaking...#106You know those like cement dividers that seperate cars? Yeah I ran and jumped onto one, an fell forward, scraping my knee. Fun times#107We were camping and I thought I was sitting in a chair so I got up. Turns out I was I the loft and I fell about 5 feet an sprained my wrist. That was a fun camping trip. I'm just going to say this, it was super late at night and really dark outside.#108I was chasing the dog around the dinning room table on my daughter's razor scooter when I took the turn too fast. The scooter slid one way, I flew the other. I slammed into the glass door. Wretched my shoulder rather badly but no lasting damage. The dog was just fine.#109Half asleep I stumbled of the bed going to #1 and ran slap into a metal door! That was 2. Breaks... all to go potty..SMH. Lol#110My sister (as a 4-year-old) decided to smash my head (as a 9-month-old) into the side of those multiple-sided activity blocks they have in doctors because I was playing with the side she wanted. I still have that dent.#111I rarely get hurt cause I’m always cautious, so I’ll tell you guys a dumb way my cousin got hurt. She was swinging on a hammock and swung a bit too hard. She fell off and fractured her arm. First cousin to break a bone. But yeah she’s fine now.#112I walked down the street, I thought I saw a friend in some car , so I didn't see an armature steel wires in front.One of them hurt my leg...#113When I was 5 or 6, I was dancing in the shower. We had one of those metal shower shelves, and I knocked it down with my hand, it sliced my chin, and I slipped, banged my bleeding chin on the side of the tub and brought the curtain pole down on my head. I had to get 2 stitches.#114I was stomping my feet to get rid of the snow, and long story short, something in my ankle popped, I was in immense pain, and I was taken to the ER and had to wear a boot and crutches for 2 weeks... I don't know exactly what was wrong with my ankle, as this was quite a while ago, but snow put me in a boot.#115I was 17 years old. I sat down on the floor, my knee hit my nose and broke it. The doctor didn’t believe me at first when I said it had be broken but after the X-ray they gathered nurses and fellow doctors to my room and had me explain what happened again and they all laughed. I couldn’t blame their reaction.#116I was trying to cut open a golfball (yeah, I know, but I never saw the inside of a golfball!) with my grandfather's incredibly sharp pocketknife, slipped, and nearly severed my thumb. Two hospitals, hours of microsurgery, and sheer luck that I lived in the same city as two of the best hand surgeons in the world, I spent my 14th summer in a cast up to my armpit...but my thumb is 100%!#117I threw my knee out while brushing my teeth all excited about going to work. My boss replied only you when the call of absence was made. I really wanted to go play at the office.#118Then boyfriend wanted to play catch with my dog inside the apartment. He threw the ball with a bit too much force. It bounced off a wall directly onto my head, and the dog jumped at the same time to catch the ball. I don't even know if double concussions are possible at this time.#119When I was like 9 or 10 at the most, two of my friends were visiting me. We were having fun driving down a steep driveway with a plastic tractor. Then I decided it would be a good idea to drive down backwards. The tractor tipped, I fell on the back of my head and boom... I had to go get 4 stitches. And my friends were like waiting at my home the whole time, that was embarrassing.#120One time when I was about 2 or 3, I got some new boots. My mom helped me put them on while I sat on the counter. When she was done I dashed through the back door, I was in that running position where you arms are going back and your leaning forward. I cracked my head on the planter and my mom rushed me to the hospital. Oh did I also mention I was scraped badly by the roses thorns. Yes we had roses.#121Alright.... the many stupid ways Ive hurt myself; i stepped off my dads motorcycle at 7 and burned my right inner ankle on the tail pipe, at 10 yrs old walking barefoot in south carolina ocean cut my toe half open on something sharp prob glass and had to be carried to shore, 16 playing tag w step family in pool went to get out and got grabbed and smashed my face into side of pool costing me to have a fake front tooth wired in my mouth. My cat got out and it was my 5 yr olds fav deaf cat so tramped up and down a muddy racine in feb for a week and broke the small sesimoid bone under right big toe and it migrated in between first two toes had to get that cut out. we finally caught the cat 2 weeks later. oh and i forgot cut my finger on an old timey shaving razor blade when i was 5 got 3 stitches ! I was on crutches for a motorcycle accident fractured my leg when i tripped over a castor on a chair and punctured my small rib near my color bone on another piece of a table leg it was a one in a million shot. oh and whwn i was born i was premature my IV in my right hand popped out and burned a scar that stretched across my hand and everyone always asks me if i tried to commit suicide the wrong way. ( people suck). so far i have not injured myself in a few years knock on wood i think at 46 yrs old im finally free from accidents for a bit#122Ran full force into glass door and shook the house. Would have broken my nose if I wasn't so young (like 7?)

licked metal pole to see if tongue would would stick (it did) and made it bleed (maybe 10?)

tried to punch a dude in the nose. He ducked and I punched a bulletin board. I still have the scars on my knuckles

none of these were serious, just dumb XD

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