I have a collection of not-that-impressive things to share with you today!


But hey, over time, small savings do add up too. You can get big wins AND small wins working together.

1. I used Sonia’s work discount

I found some cotton bath towels at her store for a good price and since Sonia was with me, I was able to use her work discount.

Even 10% counts as something!

Also: a fresh new towel is an inexpensive way to make your everyday experience feel more luxurious.

2. I hit the clearance shelf at Sprouts

Whenever I stop at grocery stores, I always take a peek at the clearance rack. I can’t resist!

Of course, I never buy things JUST because they’re marked down, but I find useful things for a good price, I throw them into my cart.

This time I found a marked-down natural deodorant, a marked-down bar of natural soap, and an $0.89 bag of multi-colored popcorn kernels.

3. I changed my CVS Carepass billing to annual

I realized that my CVS care pass membership could go from $5/month to $4/month if I switched billing to annual.

So, I called and got it changed over.

(with a CVS Carepass, I pay $4/month and get a $10 store credit to use each month. That’s a 60% discount, which gets even better if you use that in conjunction with coupons and sales.)

4. I submitted my out-of-network bills online

This saves an envelope, a stamp, and the cost of printing a submission form.

But mainly this is a win because it is SO STINKING EASY. It takes me under five minutes now.

Online insurance receipt submission is 100% better than mail-in submission!

5. I dumped my salad spinner water into an outdoor pot

This is indeed a tiny win because our water bill for our entire household is usually around $30/month.

Why yes, these seedings ARE from marigold seeds I saved last year.

So this was probably a $0.000001 savings.

But still, it seems smarter to give the water a second use.

Your turn! Share your frugal five in the comments.

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