Learn the Secret Behind Aaron Franklin’s Famous Ribs

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Aaron Franklin is a Texas BBQ pitmaster and owner of Franklin BBQ in Austin, Texas. He's most known for his Texas style brisket, fall off the bone ribs, and all around delicious barbeque. His BBQ restaurant was even named number one in Texas Monthly's Top 50 Best Barbecue Joints. People travel from all over to try Franklin barbecue meats and his restaurant has sold out every day it has been open. Lucky for us BBQ lovers, Aaron Franklin has released a video showing us how he makes his famous pork spare ribs.

Aaron Franklin Ribs Recipe

Aaron Franklin shows us how to make his ribs on Youtube. He also hosted a masterclass where you can learn his brisket techniques, his ribs and pork butt, and more of his BBQ recipes.

He advises that when you purchase your rib rack, to look for pork spare ribs and not baby back ribs or St. Louis style. He trims the fat and membrane off and then mixes together his rib rub.

The ingredients for his rib dry rub are simple:  Kosher salt, black pepper, garlic powder and paprika. Mix all the dry ingredients together and pour into a shaker. To make the rub stick, he slathers the rack of ribs with olive oil first. Then, starting with the meat side up, he sprinkles on the dry rub.

Once the ribs are seasoned, Aaron places them in the smoker. You can use a pellet grill or whatever smoker you have. He cooks the ribs at 275 degrees F. After 2 hours of cook time, check your ribs for a golden color. With the grill open, spritz the ribs with some apple cider vinegar or apple juice to moisten them. In order to make these BBQ ribs, he adds a barbecue sauce. You can use any sauce of your choice, as long as it doesn't have too much sugar.

Once you've sauced the ribs, close the smoker lid and let cook about 15 minutes. Then, go ahead and get some aluminum foil to wrap the ribs. Use a towel to transfer the ribs to the foil. Coat the foil with your BBQ sauce or sauce of choice. Aaron uses a sweet sauce, but you can use anything, even hot sauce if you want a kick. Make sure to place the rack meat side down and squirt on some more sauce.

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Wrap the ribs tightly then put them back on the smoker for about two hours. Let rest on the cutting board for about 20-30 minutes before slicing. To serve, he suggests slicing in line with bones.

Once the rack is sliced up, enjoy the best part-- devouring that delicious rib!

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