Modern Entryway Bench Ideas and Tips on How to Style It

A great-looking entryway can be the difference between an average looking home and a stunning one. You don’t want to choose entryway bench ideas that are going to take away from the overall appearance of the home, though. There are many different designs available, so you are sure to find one that is perfect for your home. Whether you are going with a vintage design or something new, you are sure to impress any visitors that stop by. Here are some great ideas for modern entryway benches and tips on how to style it.

Entryway Bench with Storage

One of the best entryway bench ideas is the addition of a shoe storage bench. This can add functionality to your doorway as well as being a trendy piece of furniture. You can have a bench that is contemporary, but still adds elegance to the room. You can also find this style of bench in plain color, or you can coordinate it with other furnishings in the room. With a simple style, you can add a contemporary look to your home without spending a lot of money.


This bench is covered with geometric patterned cushions on the seat and back and finished with glossy white paint. These details will help make this the most sought after seating area in your home. Adding four cubbies underneath will help clean up the mess and organize the shoes. At the top of the bench you can add an antique mirror that will reflect the illusion of a spacious room and have an attractive appearance. Geometric patterned bench with stroage from homebnc.


If you need more storage space, consider converting an entryway cabinet into a bench and storage combination. You can apply it to the entrance of your house so that it will be easier for you to store your various shoes and coats. Adding hooks and baskets will help complete this look while also making it functional for your home storage needs. Built-in bench with storage from homebnc.


If you have a larger entryway, you might want to consider this entry bench. This room offers a large seating area, a wicker basket for storage and hooks for hanging coats, purses or backpacks. The addition of paddle ornaments and garlands of green plants creates an elegant room design and will steal the attention of many people. This striped runner rug also provides extra warmth to your entryway. Bench with storage from homebnc.

Simple Bench

The style of your home can really influence the type of bench you use, especially if you don’t already have a design picked out. If your living room and family room are modern, you can choose a free-standing bench or simple bench that are made from metal or wood. They will be durable and will hold up well against daily use. You can add hooks on above to hang your coats, hats, jackets, bags, or anything else.


This idea of making your own coat rack by adding a freestanding stool can save space and make it look more spacious. You can use pipes and fittings to build support structures and coat rack frames. You can also add shelves under the bench for extra storage ideas. Industrial freestanding  bench from homedit.


This freestanding bench design complete with a simple wall-mounted coat rack presents a neat design and looks minimalist. Setting a small mirror on top of these hooks gives it an eye-catching look. Using this sleek wooden bench will give you the perfect room design for you to try. Wooden freestanding bench from homedit.


You don’t need much to make the entrance look inviting. Added a freestanding bench complete with two-row hooks and there’s also a cute shelf at the top for framing things nicely. This will make it easier for you to store suits and will make your room look neater and less cluttered. The addition of season decorations in the form of garlands and Christmas decorations provides an interesting design for you to try. Farmhouse freestanding bench from homedit.

Tufted Bench

Upholstered benches are the stylish way to enhance your entryway. You can use this bench to give a modern vibe. To bring a texture, attractive, and elegant look, choose in tufted design. You can feel cozy and also blend well to the rest of your home decor.


This tufted entry bench with storage shelves gives the room an attractive appearance and gives the impression of a tidy room. This sleek bench effectively uses 3 tassels to add intrigue to a simple design. Adding this storage box brings extra storage to your space. Tufted entry bench from home-designing.


This industrial-style tufted entry bench provides a stylish design of the room and steals the attention of many people. Adding a shoe storage rack at the bottom of this bench provides a neat and clutter-free look. This green plant in a rattan pot gives a fresh and natural feel to the room. Industrial-style tufted bench from home-designing.


This teal tufted bench can add a touch of subdued blue to your entryway space. Adding this patterned pillow and freestanding shelf will complete your entryway design. These decorations can create comfort and also blend well with the rest of your home decor. Teal tufted bench from home-designing.

Modern Rustic Bench

For those who are looking for a more modern look but has a rustic look, you can choose metal benches with wood. Metal benches are a modern alternative for an entryway bench. They are made by applying a metal frame to a standard wooden bench. These are very simple to find, but they add a nice touch to any home.


This bench with a combination of textured wood and dark metal is a touching choice for any home looking to embrace Farmhouse style or Rustic decor. Be sure to place a white wall to get the full effect of the cut. This bench looks more sturdy and will give a stylish room design. Wood and dark metal bench from home-designing.


This long solid wood entry bench feels stylish and down to earth, so this simple solid wood option is a must for your entry door design. Its rustic style fits perfectly with the Farmhouse décor. Adding this patterned pillow also adds extra comfort to the room. Long solid wood bench from home-designing.

Bright Colored Bench

To add color to your home, you can use a bright colored bench. The red, green, or another bright color will give a pop of color to your entryway. You can match it with a wallpaper or rug that has a same color.


This small green bench is combined with blue floral wallpaper for a bright and fresh room design. Using this antique bench will give an attractive room design and steal the attention of many people. Adding this hook will make it easier for you to store coats and hats so it will create a neat and clutter-free room. Small green bench from countryliving.


This entrance is equipped with blue striped benches to give the room a fresher and brighter look. to sacrifice softness in a harsh workspace. This floral blue wallpaper combined with white color brings a fresh design to the room and looks brighter. Blue striped benches from countryliving.

Floating Bench

A floating bench for modern entryway decor can be the answer to adding a light feature to your home while still maintaining a contemporary style. Usually, it is installed into an alcove to bring a minimalist look but functional. You can cover it with soft pad for more comfortable.


The driftwood corner bench is finished with light gray walls and towel hangers for a simple aesthetic. Adding a storage basket at the bottom of this bench will result in an attractive entryway design that looks neater. This sleek look offers a minimalist design to your entryway. Driftwood corner bench from decorpad.


The window float is mounted at an angle of entry to the shiplap trim that holds the brass coat hooks under the stacked white shelves. This will make the room look neat and clean. Combined with the white color scheme and dark wood floors it also provides the perfect contrast to the room. Wooden floating bench from decorpad.

Modern entryway benches can be the perfect addition to your home if you are thinking about adding an element of style and function to it. There are so many different styles available that you will almost certainly be able to find one that suits your tastes.

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