Online Shopping Amid The Lockdown

Covid Shopping

I have never done so much online shopping in my entire life than in the last two months, no thanks to the protracted pandemic and never-ending lockdown in our country.  When the supermarket in our hood was recently closed for two weeks due to a cluster detected, I had to switch to online mode for the purchase of most of my essentials. Online shopping is convenient but can be a tad time consuming as I sometimes need to wait for the prices of certain items (non urgent ones) to be reduced or wait for free shipping and cashback vouchers before I pay for them.  Thus, I spend much of my time on Shopee and Lazada these days.  I even stay up to midnight several times in a month whenever Shopee has a midnight sale, just to save some $$. Online shopping can be tiring but it's therapeutic, just like mall shopping.  In such depressing times, shopping online is my little guilt pleasure. It's my only source of entertainment now since we can't venture out.  I can't even exercise at our condo grounds for the next two weeks because of a few Covid positive cases detected among the workers and guards at our condo.

My online shopping haul in the last couple of weeks...

An Ikea trolley storage rack for Cass to put her books.  As it now looks quite certain that online learning will be in for the long haul, I have to get extra storage for her to put her school books. 

Cass spent almost an hour assembling the trolley.

We love this 3-tier trolley storage rack - it even came with a screwdriver to help us with the assembly. This trolley is bought from Shopee, at a discounted price of only RM43.25 with a 423 Shopee Coins in cashback (equivalent to RM4.23).

Toilet papers. We're heavy users of toilet papers and I need to restock them every week 🤭

Bamboo tissue papers at only 60 cents a packet from Lazada.   The quality is superb - thick, large and even perforated.

I finally found Ora2 toothbrushes at Shopee. Ora2 toothbrushes are by far the best I've used. They are made in Japan and cost only RM4.60 each, which is way cheaper than at supermarkets.

Tena extra large wet wipes - I got them at a steal from Shopee (under Vinda Official Store).   These are sold at RM6 a pack at the pharmacy and I got them at RM5.40 a pack with discounted shipping and Shopee Coins.  I use these wipes to dry clean Haru and for general cleaning around the house.

Unscented, paraben-free and alcohol-free baby wet wipes at only RM20.24 for 10 LARGE PACKS (80 pcs per pack) with FREE SHIPPING from Lazada!!  Only RM2 a pack hey! What a steal! I use these to clean Haru's ears and face and for everything else. 

A heavy duty stainless steel towel rack at only RM59 with free shipping from Shopee! 

KN94 Korean disposable face masks from Lazada. A pack of 50 pieces only costs RM14.90 with a RM10 voucher from Lazada!  Shipping fee was only RM4.  These were shipped from China and took 10 days to reach me.  

Cat food, catnips biscuits and cat litter from two different sellers from Shopee and Lazada.

Nuts, matcha biscuits, vegetable crisps and pop corns from Signature Market. We love the nuts and snacks from Signature Market. They're always fresh and prices are very reasonable.  I buy them from Shopee or Lazada, depending on which platform offers me free shipping and discount vouchers.

With so much shopping done, being stuck at home doesn't look that bad eh?  

No, it sucks.  Being stuck at home for 1.5 years with our household earnings impacted badly is not fun.  But life has to go one and we try to make the best out of the situation.  Worrying won't help a bit, it may even cause more damage to our health if too much time was spent worrying about the unknown.  We can only take one day at a time.  And pray that we and our loved ones will not be infected by this invisible enemy that is already at our door step. 

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Covid Shopping

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