Playmobil now has Volkswagen Kits!

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This building kit just screams summer in a box to me. This little Playmobil family is out and about and ready to explore new destinations. Of course doing it in a Volkswagen Beetle just makes it that much more exciting. I mean seriously, how cute is this for the kids to build?  This one is 52-pieces and it is just the kind of kit that kids love to sit around and build. It also makes the adults a little nostalgic. There's just something about a bug...

The VW Beetle is a real classic. Now the cult car with its unmistakable shape is entering the cheerful PLAYMOBIL world. Of course, the PLAYMOBIL Beetle has all the characteristic features that make it so unique, such as the curved fenders, the VW logo, the vertical windshield, the blue paint and the typical rear hood with a 4-cylinder boxer engine. After removing the roof, the lovingly designed interior with beige seats, dashboard and steering wheel is revealed. On the back seat there is space for the child, as well as a cool bag, sand toys and towel. Suitcase and surfboard can be strapped to the roof rack. Now it's time to get in and go to the beach! The playset contains three PLAYMOBIL figures, a Volkswagen Beetle by PLAYMOBIL with roof rack, removable roof and tailgate that can be opened, surfboard, cool box, sand toys and many other accessories.

Here's the second Volkswagen I want to talk about, the T1 Camping Bus, and she's a beauty! I took this one to my granddaughter's house last weekend and she had SUCH a good time putting it together. Building is her jam and she's so very good at it too.

It literally only takes her seconds to open up a kit and spill the contents on the floor when grandma brings over something to build. Seriously, she was pouring over the instructions before I could even say, 'do you want to sit down together and build this kit?'

There was one instance where she needed some stronger fingers to snap in a piece, but that's what her daddy is for (one of many, many 'dad' jobs he loves to do). He got it popped into place in an instant and little bit was back on her building way.

She was especially excited to see how realistic some of the teeny tiny pieces were... like the little toothbrush and hairbrush (both of which are must-haves for a camping trip).

The inside had little nooks and crannies to tuck things in everywhere and the figures fit into the seats 'just right!' The furniture folded and unfolded, just like in the real Volkswagen bus and there was even a little built-in shelf to tuck in the pillows. 

This kit is so super cute, and of course, my granddaughter was thrilled to show off the finished product. Playmobil kits are engaging and fun for the kids. I love seeing my baby grand (as you can see, she's not such a baby anymore) completely involved in her building projects. This one was an absolute favorite.
As for me, I absolutely love Playmobil. They have sturdy pieces that last forever. They are challenging (but not too challenging) to put together, and they are a joy to use before (just looking at the boxes made me happy), during (the building is part of the fun) and after (these are great for play and display). We have purchased and used Playmobil kits for years (and we still have all of them!), so it is easy to write about them and recommend them to anyone looking to find the perfect gift for their children.
Learn more about these two building kits and many, many others, by visiting the Playmobil website.

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