Stunning spa-like bathrooms

Live the Luxe Life: How to Create a Stunning Spa Bathroom

Want to live a life of luxury at home? Youre not the only one! Read on to learn how to create a spa bathroom youll find your zen in.

Renovating a bathroom allows you to take it from outdated and bland to stunning and stylish. This is why81% of home improvement projects include a bathroom remodel.

Certain design techniques help turn your in-home bath into a spa-like experience. These tips work to boost style and function in any sized-bathroom space.

So, ready to feel like youre pampering yourself at a five-star retreat? Read on for our top tips for creating a luxurious spa bathroom design in your home.

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Select a Soothing Color Palette

Spa-like bathrooms capture the essence of calm. This gets done by using the right colors to inspire a soothing environment.

This could be a room in all-white marble from floor to ceiling. A bathroom designed inserene blues and greys is another way to go. These types ofneutral colors help set a soothing tone for your bathroom space.

All design elements should come to together to compliment the theme of your bathroom. This includes paint selections, flooring, countertops, and backsplash. The idea is to create a balance between these materials.

Finishes and fixtures should also blend well with your color choices. Incorporating natural materials and textures also creates a spa-like vibe. Dont forget the right window treatments to ensure you have plenty of privacy.

The vanity is another essential element when creating the right style in a spa bathroom. This buying guide provides more insight on how to pick the best vanity for your space.

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Get the Lighting Right

Lighting helps create the right ambiance in your bathroom. Its best to include a combination of task and ambient lighting.

Popular bathroom lighting fixtures include both recessed lighting and wall sconces. You can evenadd a chandelier for a more elegant look if you have space.

Other spa bathroom ideas including installing dimmer switches for creating the perfect glow. The right window placement can also enhance the bathroom. You can even install a skylight in your ceiling for more natural light.

A large decorative mirror makes a statement in the bathroom. It also helps to reflect light and make a smaller space seem larger and more inviting.

Rethink the Tub

A large and luxurious tub is a must for anyspa themed bathroom. Keeping the tub separate from the shower area will also help anchor the space.

You can go with abuilt-in tub with jacuzzi features. These help to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation. A freestanding model offers a luxurious full-soaking experience.

Its important to consider tub placement as well. Placing a tub next to a window ensures there is enough space around the tub.

This way, you dont feel cluttered or cramped. A freestanding tub will need more space than a built-in.

Built-in tubs provide extra shelf space for bath items. Use this area to place a candle, essential oils, book, or glass of wine. A small stool or bathtub tray is ideal for a freestanding tub.

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Provide Plenty of Storage Solutions

Storage helps cut down on clutter, whichcreates a stressful environment. The right storage solutionsmake a bathroom space better organized and more efficient.

Use cabinets, woven baskets, and open shelving in your bathroom spa design. These are perfect for holding extra towels, bath products, and cleaning supplies. Built-in alcoves are also great for storing shampoos or displaying candles.

A small tray keeps counters neat and tidy. Useglass jars to hold smaller toiletries. This includes items like q-tips, cotton balls, and matches for lighting candles.

A woven laundry hamper will add more texture and style. A wooden ladder towel rack is another trending idea for boosting bathroom organization.

Stock up on All the Essentials

Decor and bath items help to enhance comfort and style in your bathroom. Opt for new fluffy towels in a soothing color.

Plush bathrobes, cozy slippers, and Turkish hand towels are other essentials.Soft bathmats or a small rug will warm up the bathroom space.

Stock up on luxury bath bombs, salts, body wash, and oils. Other greatpampering products include cleansers, lotions, and facemasks.

Top spa bathroom decor includes candles in a light and relaxing scent. Try lavender, rose, or mint.

Plants or florals in a decorative vase offer a natural decor element. This boosts tranquility and helps purify the air. Orchids, aloe vera, Chinese evergreen, and ivy are all popular options for bathrooms.

You can even hang up a piece of artwork that evokes calming thoughts. Including an accent chair, small bench, or stool for extra seating is another idea.

Say Yes to Smarter Home Technology

Certain bathroom technology and gadgets can also help boost relaxation. Install a Kohler rainfall showerhead, with real rain technology.

Moen showerheads can learn your preferred water temperature. They also offer different settings for every member of the family.

Consider installing a sound system with waterproof speakers. Connect this to your mobile phone and create a playlist filled with soothing songs.

Other luxury features include thermostats for controlling heated flooring. These elements add comfort and warmth to your bathroom.

Sink faucets with touchless technology make hand-washing even more convenient. You can also go with self-cleaning toilets. Other high-tech toilets have seat warming technology and motion-sensor lids.

Designing a Serene and Functional Spa Bathroom

These design tips will help you to create the perfect spa bathroom in your home. The most relaxing bathroom environments combine style and function. They work to provide a soothing, convenient, and well-organized space.

Looking for more design inspiration for your latest home improvement project? Browse the bathroom section of the blog for more great tips.Thanks to Unique Bathroom Vanities for collaborating!

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