The 12 Best Long Slot Toasters to Prepare the Desired Crispy Toast for Breakfast

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Does your toaster doesn't toast your bread evenly on both sides? A long slot toaster aims to toast slices of bread of all dimensions. From burger buns to wide artisan bread all can be toasted or heated on it. The best feature of the toaster is that they come with wide options like reheating, defrosting, etc. 

Moreover, you also set the range of browning from 6 or 7 levels of toasting. But cleaning the toaster can be worrisome. The number of slots and their width needs to be considered before buying the best long slot toasters for your use.

Best Pick

The IKICH Long Slot Toaster is our best pick on our list as it has a warming rack along with smart functions to make the slices ready for your breakfast. Variating in the toast setting in 6 ranges gives the accurate crispy along the edges of the bread and chewy on the inside. You can stop the toasting of slices of bread if you feel they are overdone.

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Budget Pick

The Elite Gourmet Long Toaster is our best budget pick because it has wide and long slots to uniformly provide heat to the 4 slices of bread. The adjustable toasting ranges prepare the buns or muffins in a few seconds. You can heat your cold rotis or tortillas on the warm rack and make them soft as freshly cooked.

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Quick Comparison: Top 12 Best Long Slot Toasters

Dimension (LxWxH inches)

IKICH Long Slot Toaster
16.34 x 7.56 x 8.8

Elite Gourmet Long Toaster
14.68 x 7.13 x 7.68

Dash Extra Wide Slot Toaster
6.6 x 15.7 x 7.8

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster
11.3 x 7.48 x 7.48

BUYDEEM Extra Wide Slots Toaster
12.2 x 6.97 x 11.02

LOFTER Long Slot Toaster
16.93 x 7.09 x 8.27

Oster Stainless Toaster
17.5 x 8.8 x 9

Breville Touch Toaster
15.5 x 8.1 x 8.2

LOFTER Extra Wide Slots Toaster
Not mentioned

CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster

SACVON Long Slot Toaster
Not mentioned

KitchenAid Long Slot Toaster
16.5 x 7.5 x 7.9

1. IKICH Long Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

The slots are long enough to toast 4 slices of Pullman loaf, sandwich bread, or 2 slices of artisan bread at a time.

6 toasting settings allow everyone to enjoy their bread as they prefer.

The sleek design of the toaster compliments the look of your modern kitchen.

You can defrost and reheat your pieces of bread or pizzas on this toaster.

The built-in warm rack allows heating the bagels and croissants easily.

A moveable crumb tray prevents the messiness of the kitchen by collecting the bread crumbs.

This toaster is built with smart technology to reduce the pressure of preparing breakfast for the whole family. Starting with the construction, it is made from stainless steel that makes it durable, and the shiny silver look compliments the kitchen. The feet at the base keep the toaster stable in one place. 

Besides, the slots are designed to accommodate bread of any shape. From sandwich bread to wide burger pieces of bread, all of them can be heated on this toaster. The best feature of this toaster is that you reheat as well as toast your bread. Also, you don't have to own a microwave to heat your frozen pizza. You can put slices on the long slots or place them on the warm racks that will give you the perfect chewy and crispy pizza. 

Moreover, the toaster is easy to operate with the buttons at the fronts where they are labeled with their functions. When the slices of bread are ready according to your set shade, it will automatically come up. You can also stop the toasting by pressing the cancel button at the top and the toasting will stop instantly. 

You don't have to worry about the bread crumbs as they will be collected on the crumb tray at the base. You can easily take the tray out and clean it. The cords of the toaster can be encased at the bottom. The toaster comes in a compact size to comfortably store in the cabinet.

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2. Elite Gourmet Long Toaster

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Highlighted Features

The slots of the toasters are long and wide to accommodate bread like bagels, Texas toast, etc.

The regular has 6 toasting ranges that allow toasting the pieces of bread as desired.

The reheat option on the toaster enables the day-old toasts or pizzas to heat easily.

You can instantly stop the toasting with the cancel button if the bread is too brown for your taste.

The loaves of bread are evenly toasted on each side with a self-centering feature of the toaster.

The crumbs of the bread will be gathered on the crumb tray at the base.

The kitchen tools require matching with the interior of the kitchen to complete the look. This Elite Gourmet long toaster has a sleek design that will easily blend with any type of kitchen. Manufactured with stainless steel, the control panel on the toaster is simple to operate and you use it to warm various types of bread. 

Among all other features, the warming rack equips you to heat the frozen pizzas or chapatis on it. The warm rack can be kept folded if you do not want to use it. You can set the heat range by rotating the regulator. 

The toaster also has to reheat and defrosting options so that you can enjoy soft bread at home. Cleaning the toaster is easy as the crumbs of the bread are collected at the base tray. The tray is removable that keeps the mess out of the kitchen. 

Sometimes, both sides of the bread are not evenly toasted and you need to switch the sides of the bread in the middle of toasting. But with this toaster, you will get uniformly brown crispy slices of bread for your breakfast without any extra work.

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3. Dash Extra Wide Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

This traditionally designed toaster has one wide slot to toast only 2 slices of bread.

Its see-through window helps to monitor the level of toasting.

You can choose the browning level from the 7 browning levels.

The rubberized feet keep the toaster stable on the countertop.

It has a separate button for toasting bagels and a button to stop toasting at any time

The toaster will shut off automatically as soon as the pieces of bread are toasted.

You can clean the slots as the glass and the crumb tray is demountable.

The toaster from Dash does not only have a wide range of features but also comes in a very unique design. The important part of the taster is the slot which is long and wide for this toaster. Slices of the bread of all shapes can be placed on this toaster. The toasting process is not time-consuming, just place the slices of bread and pull down the lever so that the slices can receive the heat. 

The slices will come up automatically when they are done. You can see the browning through the glass window. It has 7 levels of toasting intensity that can serve customers of various tastes. Moreover, wastage of power will be reduced as they automatically turn off when the bread is ready. 

Not to mention, a defrost and reheating option is also given on the toaster. However, you will not be able to warm your chapatis or tortillas on the toaster due to the lack of a warm rack. As the parts of the toaster are easy to dismantle, you deep clean the toaster.

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4. Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

2 slots on the toaster that can fit one slice of bread in one slot.

You can set the bread to toast to any level of 6 toasting levels.

You can heat the small English muffins and bagels on its wide slots.

The toaster has a high-lift toast booster to lift the small pieces of bread for easy access to them.

An adjustable crumb tray is added at the bottom to prevent creating a mess in the kitchen.

The cancel button on the countertop aids in stopping the whole process when needed.

The Hamilton Beach toaster is designed for small families as it has 2 wide slots to toast one slice of bread in each. From thick bakery bread to small English muffins all can be set on the toaster. You can enjoy the dry old bagel by placing them on the toaster and heating them at a certain level. 

If you have frozen pizza or bread, you can heat them on the toaster with the defrosting option. It has 6 options to heat or toast the bread. The toaster sits on wide legs that keep them set in one place. It comes in a very compact size which helps to store them easily in a kitchen cupboard. 

Yet there is no warm rack and reheating option to warm the croissants or burritos. The auto shut-off feature prevents the slices of bread from burning. Also, the crumbs of the bread are gathered at the base tray.

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5. BUYDEEM Extra Wide Slots Toaster

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Highlighted Features

This toaster is designed with wide slots to easily heat burger buns or bagels.

You can just use only 2 slots without heating the other ones as it has 2 control panels.

You can easily defrost or reheat the slices of bread if they are frozen or cold.

The high lift lever lifts the slices of bread when you press to take them out.

The toaster serves 7 browning levels to add variation to the toasts.

The crumb tray slides off easily to keep the toaster clean.

This toaster from Buydeem has a retro look that will enhance the look of a diner. This toaster has 4 separate slots which are operated by 2 operational panels. This toaster can be the best 4 slice toaster as you can make toast in two options at a time. In this way, you can serve many customers without keeping them waiting. 

The slots are wide to accommodate bagels and muffins and you can stop toasting with the cancel button at any moment. The button has LCD indicators to view which portion is preparing which type of toast. Though the toaster has broad options, lack of a warm rack prevents the bread from keeping warm. A warm rack keeps the item warm and the warm bread can be consumed instantly. However, you need to wait a few minutes if the bread is reheated to cool down before eating.

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6. LOFTER Long Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

Both the slots are 1.6 inches wide to fit 4 slices of bread.

The LCD displays the time required to complete the toasting process.

6 toasting dials offer you to choose the perfect degree of toasting

3 basic functions which reheat, defrost and cancel options are given on the toaster.

The toaster has a multi-hole design at the bottom to cool down quickly.

The removable crumb tray is wide enough to collect all the crumbs of the bread.

This toaster from Lofter has smart features which cannot be found in others. To begin with, the time display lets you know the time required to prepare your toast. Due to this, you do not have to continuously monitor the toaster to take the slices down to prevent over-toast. 

Moreover, the toaster has a sleek look and a stainless steel finish that makes it durable and long-lasting. The slots are designed to fit all kinds of bread on them. The button has LCD indicators that make them easily visible. The knob has 6 browning options so that you enjoy the toast of your choice. 

The toaster has cord storage to store the cord. Maintaining the toaster is simple as the crumb tray is removable which helps to remove the bits of the bread. The exterior can be wiped with a piece of cloth.

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7. Oster Stainless Toaster

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Highlighted Features

Evenly toasted slices of bread are delivered in the 2 slot toaster.

A quick 30-second feature is added to provide the desired bread toast.

The 7 toasting ranges allow you to create the perfect crispy bread.

The toaster automatically shuts off as the bread is ready.

This stainless steel toaster is easy to clean by rubbing with a dry towel.

The heating option for warming the frozen bread is also provided on the toaster.

Do you get late for the office due to breakfast? The Oster toaster has a 30-second quick feature that will prepare the toast in less than a minute. Set the slices of bread on the toaster, pull the lever down, set the toasting range, and press the 30-second button. You can simply enjoy the bread with butter without worrying about time. 

In addition, the flexible toasting range helps you to get the perfect brown slice of bread. But you cannot heat your cold pizzas, chapatis on it as there is no warm rack. Also, you don't need to take out the 4 slices of bread as the toaster turns off automatically as soon as the work is done.

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8. Breville Touch Toaster

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Highlighted Features

The toaster slot is long to toast 4 slices of bread at the same time.

It has 5 adjustable toasting settings that enable it to experience different levels of toast slices of bread.

The ‘A bit more’ option lets you customize your toast without setting the level.

You can also have a look at the slices of bread with the ‘Lift and Look’ button.

Options to stop toasting in the middle of the process are provided.

A removable crumb tray is attached at the base of the toaster to gather the crumbs.

The Breville Touch toaster has an appealing design that can enhance the look of your kitchen. The touch buttons make the toaster look elegant. First of all, the toaster has 2 long slots to place 4 slices of bread and toast them uniformly. You can set the degree from the 5 toasting levels. 

The unique feature of this toaster is that you can lift and have a check on the toast if you are sure about setting the browning level. After checking if you think that you need to toast a little bit more, you can also do that with the ‘a bit more’ button. You can easily customize the bread according to your liking. 

The fundamental features of the toaster like defrost, cancel, bagel options are available on it. And cleaning is simple as there is a crumb tray to keep all the mess together.

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9. LOFTER Extra Wide Slots Toaster

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Highlighted Features

It has wide signal wide slots to toast 2 slices of small bread or 1 bakery bread.

The shade knob has 6 levels to set the degree of toasting.

Reheat or defrost the pieces of bread at any time.

An extra rack is attached to the toaster to keep the toasted bread or croissant warm.

This is a one-slot toaster that is long enough to toast 2 pieces of bread. The control panel has the button for reheat, defrost, cancel and shade selecting knob. Put the slices on the slot, pull the lever down and set the level for toasting. You will get the perfect crunchy toasts within minutes.

The button has an LCD indicator to let you know the function of the toaster. The stainless steel finish toaster has a holder to warm your tortillas on it. Not to mention, the long crumb tray to rack up the crumbs from the bread.

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10. CUSIMAX Long Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

Manufactured with stainless steel the toaster has a single slot to toast 2 slices of bread.

The glass window allows you to see the changes in the bread.

You can toast your slices of bread in 7 different brown shades.

The parts of the toaster are detachable that makes the cleaning easy.

The lever lifts the toasted bread automatically as soon as they are done.

This toaster has a unique appearance that will attract attention and also it has features to prepare the toasts in various ranges. To begin with, this toaster has an on and off button to bake the slices of bread. Moreover, if you think your bread is getting too dark you can immediately stop the process with the cancel button. 

The toaster has a glass window to help you get the right shade of bread if you are not sure about the toasting level. A sliding tray is provided at the bottom to pile up the crumbs so that the countertop does not get messy. Furthermore, you can dismount the toaster in parts for deep cleaning.

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11. SACVON Long Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

This retro look toaster has 2 long slots to toast burger buns, bagels, etc.

It has 6 options to toast the pieces of bread on various levels.

The toaster has time displayed so you know the duration for toasting bread.

The multi-functional toaster has the options for reheat, defrost and cancel.

The stainless steel crumb tray stores the crumbs from the slices of bread.

If you are looking for some colorful toaster, the SACVON long slot toaster can be the one. It is in vibrant red color which will attract the eyes. 4 slices of bread can easily be placed on the slots. If you are toasting bread you can set the range and wait for the minutes that are shown on the LCD.

The slots are wider for bagels as well and it has a separate option to warm or toast them. You can stop the process at any time if you want with the cancel button. The crumbs from the pieces of bread and bagels are gathered on the crumb tray. Just press the push button tray, the tray will come out and you can detach the tray to throw the crumbs away.

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12. KitchenAid Long Slot Toaster

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Highlighted Features

The 2 long slots on the toaster give the flexibility in toasting pieces of bread of multiple shapes.

‘A little longer’ option allows to toast the bread more after toasting a certain level.

The small slices of bread can be easily taken out with the high lift lever.

Reheat and defrost options are available to heat the bread as you prefer.

The crumb tray can be easily pulled out to clean the toaster.

Lastly, the toaster we have is a shiny red-colored toaster will all the required function to enjoy the toast. First of all, it is in a compact size which will not take up a lot of space in the kitchen counter. The slots are designed to be wide and can hold 2 slices in each slot easily. 

Moreover, it has 4 toasting levels and an “a little longer” button to get the perfect toasted slice of bread for breakfast. However, the functions of the buttons on the panel are drawn rather than written on words which can be hard to differentiate the work. The toasted does not create any mess as the crumbs are collected on the wide crumb tray.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Long Slot Toaster 

Functions available 

The number and the types of functions available on a toaster can vary from one toaster to another, but a good toaster should at least have the functions for defrosting, reheating, warming, and canceling. These functions are usually switched on by a single push button and are labeled by either icons or names so that the user can identify the button easily.

Another important feature that all toasters should have is a way to control the level of doneness of the toast. Without this, you would not be able to control how brown you want your toast to be, and since different kinds of bread require varying amounts of time to be toasted, this feature is even more important in a long slot toaster which is used for toasting artisan bread.

Wide toasting levels
The browning level of bread is not the same for everyone. If we take our family, for example, you will see young ones like crispy and crunchy toasts where the middle-aged people like chewy toast. The toasting ranges also differ if you eat it with butter or make a sandwich out of those pieces of bread.  

For various preferences, the toasters have 6 to 7 roasting ranges to satisfy everyone's taste. Some of the toasters have functions like “a bit longer” or “a little longer” to customize the toasting level.

One slot or two slots 

Most of the long slot toasters have two slots so that when they are being used to their maximum capacity they can toast four regular sized bread slices at a time. But if you have a small family and you think you do not have two slots, you can go for the ones with a single slot since a long slot toaster can fit in two bread slices in one of their slots so a single-slot toaster can be a good option to save space on your kitchen counter.

The size of the slot 

The main purpose of a long slot toaster is to toast artisan bread and bakeries that are too long or wide to fit regular toasters and hence the size of the slot in a long slot toaster is an important factor to be considered before you buy one of them. The slot of a long slot toaster should be long enough to hold two regular sized bread slices side by side at a time, while the width of the slot should be at least 1 inch. If you want to toast bakery items such as Panini and croissants, you can go for toasters that have an adjustable width.

Crumb tray and cord storage 

One aspect of cleaning a toaster is the crumb tray which holds the bits and pieces of the bread that falls of during the toasting process. A good toaster should have a crumb tray that can be easily removed so that it can be emptied and cleaned from time to time. If this is not done properly, the crumb tray can gather too much crumb which would start burning and damaging the whole machine.

Long slot toasters are appliances that use electricity and hence they come with an electric cord for the power supply. This cord should have a space to be stored inside or below the toaster so that it is not dangling outside when the toaster is not in use, which can cause different kinds of hazardous situations.

What should I use to clean the slots?
The crumbs of the bread are collected on the crumb tray at the bottom which can be easily removed. However, if you want to clean the slots you use small brushes.  Make sure to turn off the toaster before cleaning. 

How to pull out the hot short bread from the toaster?
You can use long tongs if you do not want to burn your hand. Try using tongs with a plastic or silicone head so that you don't get a shock from the toaster.


Although long slot toasters are not a necessity for everyone, it surely is a must-have for anyone who loves having artisan bread and bakeries which come in all shapes and sizes. Long slot toasters are also very useful and an excellent time-saver for a large family that needs to toast many slices of bread every morning.

If you are one of them and have found your best long slot toaster, you can start preparing butter, jam, and a cup of coffee to go with your toast and kick-start your day with a very satisfying breakfast.

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