Reusable Paper Towels to Save You Money & Save the Earth by Papaya Reusables #MBPBACKTOSCHOOL21


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As we head back to school this year, I am thinking of all of the ways my family and I can cut down on waste. We're aiming to use as many reusable, sustainable products as possible, and that includes everything from Bento boxes to reusable water bottles and 'paper' towels. I know you must be wondering how on earth you can reuse a paper towel when they're made of paper and fall apart after a single-use. I'm excited to introduce you to Papaya Reusable, which has developed a reusable paper towel making sustainability accessible to everyone!

That's right, whether you're a seasoned zero-waster, or a sustainability-newbie, Papaya Reusables' products are for everyone! No more need to hoard bulky paper towels again! This school year, stop using paper towels or napkins in lunch boxes and wasting your hard-earned money on paper products that wind up in the trash bin. Think smarter and more eco-friendly by purchasing Papaya!

Aren't these designs adorable?

Eco Facts? More than 50,000 trees are cut down every day for single-use paper towels. As they decompose, they release methane gas - a leading cause of global warming. The brand is the first to offer a subscription where customers can curate a box with their choices every two to four months, selecting from artistic designs that put plain old white paper towels to shame!

Part of the Citrus & the City Pack - $36.00

Citrus and the City is a 4-pack of towels with two hanging hooks. It features the citrus and city towel prints and comes with two small hooks that can be hung anywhere. Each towel has a small punch hole in the corner, so you can easily hand them to dry and have them handy when you need them.

How to Use: 

Simply wet to soften and clean any surface.
Rinse after use, hang to dry, and pat yourself on the back for being a reusable superhero! 
3 ways to wash your paper towels: 

A good old-fashioned hand-wash.
Plop em in your washing machine + air dry them.
Put them on the top rack of your dishwasher.
Can they be used with cleaning products? 

You bet! They can be used with water alone, but are also compatible with any cleaning product or spray you normally use.

Want them? Get them!

Check out all of Papaya Reusables' adorable designs and products at Papaya Reusable. You can purchase cloths individually or in sets as a one-time purchase, or you can build your own subscription box with the renewal of your choice.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Insta for new product news and more.

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