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This post was a labor of love because I wanted it to be chock full of our favorite things – and there are a lot I purposefully waited to put it together because I wanted to have time to actually see what we used instead of throwing a random list together. Any of these things would make amazing gifts, and remember – what works for us may not work for someone else. A large part of this post is very personal, and I hope y’all find it helpful!
Turn on your JavaScript to view content Deluxe+ Dock
Dock-A-Tot – It’s exactly as it sounds…this item is the perfect dock for any tot We used this every day and multiple times a day for Nora to lounge or sleep in (while supervised for all the Karens out there).
$175.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Boppy Newborn Lounger
Lots of people ask if a Dock-A-Tot and a Boppy Lounger are necessary. I mean…not much is actually necessary, but we’ve used both of these many times! We have a very long house, so we’ll use the Dock-A-Tot in one spot and the lounger in another. I also love that the lounger has a bit of an incline while the other is completely flat.
$53.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner
Believe it or not, cradling and feeding a baby is an arm workout! I took this pillow to the hospital and SO glad I did. We still use it for easy feeds!
$39.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Skip Hop Baby Tub
This might be my favorite item, but I’m partial to baths Nora LOVES her baby tub! It’s such a great design with the sling in the middle.
$35.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Love to Dream Swaddle Up
I love the unique design of these swaddles allowing babies to sleep in their natural arms UP position so they can self-soothe by touching their face and sucking on their hands, just like they did in the womb. It’s snug around the torso to provide security while only taking a few seconds to swaddle (my favorite thing!).
$29.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content HALO Sleepsack
This always reminds me of the Beyoncé song and turns out I love BOTH the sleepsack and the good jams. While it does take a bit longer to set up and adjust than the above swaddle, it’s just different. With this, she sleeps with her hands either by her sides or folded, and I feel like she really does love how it holds her so snug!
$24.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content So Many Onesies Turn on your JavaScript to view content Baby Brezza
Like a Keurig for baby formula, this thing is SO AMAZING if you’re formula feeding. Nora’s very spoiled and has a bottle made in .3 seconds with this baby with various temperature levels, ounces and formula settings at the push of a button. Thank you to her Auntie Lauren, Alex and Emily for the best shower gift!
$199.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottles
If you’re pumping or formula feeding, these bottles are Nora’s fave. She didn’t take to the first bottles we offered so Alex jumped in the car for a Walmart run. I know these bottles have many parts to them, but I love the fully vented design and how they offer a paced, controlled feeding.
$37.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack
With bottles come loooots of parts and lots of cleaning. I personally like the white countertop drying rack (over the green) while it will certainly take up precious real estate, this is much easier than drying + constantly taking out nipples and tops from a drawer throughout the day. I also love the stem and twig accessories for nipples and pacifiers.
$19.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Nuna SENA Aire Travel Crib/Pack ‘n Play
A must-have for any traveling family out there…and we can’t wait for our first trip with it!

Munchkin Baby Formula Dispenser
No need to lug around a large container of powdered formula when you and baby are out and about. Munchkin makes on-the-go bottle feeding easy with this guy. It’s so nice I bought it twice
$3.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Fisher-Price Baby Swing
Mom life is a lesson in doing everything with one hand…but sometimes you need two. Nora loves this swing as it either soothes her right to (supervised) sleep or leaves her content looking at the world around her!

Diaper Changing Pad
What’s a nursery without a changing station? A comfy changing pad is a necessity. We were gifted this one from a good friend!

Changing Pad Covers
Dress it up with whatever design your heart desires.
$20.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Dua Design Moses Basket
I wanted to see Nora in a Moses basket before Nora was even born! First off, it’s just the cutest concept ever. A baby in a basket HELLO! But it also doubles as the best portable changing station! I’ve taken this all over the house and even to Gigi & Papa’s house. Thank you for the perfect gift, my LimitLes fam!
$109.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Baby Books Turn on your JavaScript to view content Doona Stroller
Our very first baby item was the Doona because you can’t leave the hospital without a carseat! If you’re a traveler or like convenience, the Doona is a must. The only one of its kind, it converts from a car seat into a stroller within seconds. EASY PEASY. I will say it lacks suspension for long walks so you’ll probably need a second stroller for that activity.
$499.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Owlet Monitor Duo
Meet the modern baby monitor with the award-winning Smart Sock that goes beyond the capabilities of any other baby monitor by tracking your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate while they sleep! We also love it because the camera transmits the live feed to the app monitor, and we have the option of leaving the sound on mode or in background mode (always playing even when phone isn’t in use).
$399.00 Bloom 3-in-1 Baby Bouncer
S/o to my LimitLes fam for gifting us this oh-so-chic bouncer! It vibrates AND comes with 3 different positions for baby. Win-win! Plus, it lays flat and comes with a travel bag to take everywhere you go!
$199.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content PaperClip Willow Diaper Bag
I struggled to find a diaper bag that fit our needs, than was gifted this all-in-one travel friendly diaper backpack. Thanks LimitLes Travel fam! It’s so roomy, has a roll out changing station, has a trolly passthrough, and has so many compartments for baby and parents. The best part? It’s environmentally friendly made from recycled water bottles! Swoooon
$199.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Skip Hop Diaper Caddy
Easy carry from room-to-room for all things baby. From diapers to wipes to aquaphor, the easy transport is a Godsend for diaper changes in the house. Pssst…this also works very well for postpartum essentials for mom. Pads, witch hazel, ice packs and peri bottles can be carried from bathroom to bathroom!
$41.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Map Crib Sheet
Look. The heart wants what the heart wants, ok?
$70.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Teeny Tiny Socks

Baby Nail Trimmers
Nail cutting made easy! This electric nail file is designed to safely and quickly trim nails from both babies and adults believe it or not. It is super soft with cushioned sandpapers file head attachments. With a LED light aimed at fingernails, you can trim your baby’s nail even while they are asleep.

Skip Hop Vibrant Village Activity Gym
With music, light shows, black/white+colorful attributes, your baby may confuse this activity gym for a rave! J/K…this activity gym will keep your baby entertained for a while…or until they’re over it.
$88.33 Copper Pearl Hooded towel
I love how soft and beautiful these hooded towels are! Pro tip: put them in the dryer when you make baby a bath so they’re warm when it’s time to get out! Yes, Nora is very spoiled.
$39.95 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Solly Baby Wrap
This wrap allows me FREEDOM! With two hands, I can get so much done when I wear Nora. It also claims to reduce infant crying and increase connection. We love LOVE how soft and cozy it is.

The Original White Noise Machine
Ahh, the soothing ambient sounds of rushing air. I’ve been using this exact sound machine for years, and now Nora loves it, too! Whenever we go into her nursery, I swear I see her eyes get heavy Works like a charm.

Baby Shusher
They call it the sleep miracle…and it is. This machine basically mimics a human “shushing” sound, soothing babies to sleep. Pro: It’s portable! Con: It only has 15 and 30 minute timers. I know some babies wake up when the set timeframe ends…wawaaaa.

Hatch Baby Rest
Technically this is the third sound machine listed on here in a row. See a trend? The main reason we love it is for the nightlight feature! A simple manual tap and late-night diaper changes are good to go! We can customize color, brightness, sound, and volume level.
$59.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content BabyBjorn Carrier Mini
Nora is still so tiny which I why I’m currently loving this carrier. It’s incredibly easy to use/put on and also made of mesh material making it breathable and great for indoor chores to outdoor walks.

Ubbi Diaper Pale
So slim, so functional, so…pretty! I never thought I’d describe a diaper pale that way, but here we are.
$79.99 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Bannor Toys
This family-owned business was inspired by wooden toys the Bannor Family found in their grandparent’s houses. From baby toys and teethers to big kids games and toys, these wooden toys will entertain the kiddos in your life the old fashion way – no screens necessary.

Your baby can’t blow its own nose, so this tool allows y0u to suck out the boogers for them. Yep, sounds disgusting but you’ll get over it. Better yet, just get Frida Baby everything.

No nursery is complete without a few adorable stuffed Jellycats!

Baby blanket
I’ve lost track of how many blankets we have in this house, but it seems like we need all of them! One for every room
$29.00 Turn on your JavaScript to view content Baby Memory Book
Document the first year of baby’s life with this lifelong keepsake! It’s a reason to take a ton of photos and a place to mark milestones.
$35.00+ Burp cloths/diapers/Desitin/Aquaphor/portable changing pad/Noodle & Boo baby shampoo, body wash and lotion/wipes/pacifiers
One of my favorite gifts from my shower came in the form of a functional care package. Can’t get enough of this stuff, so even though I didn’t OHHH and AHHH over this one, I appreciate it SO MUCH!
Turn on your JavaScript to view content Care Package Is there anything I’m missing on this longggg list you loved and I’m missing? Let me know! #Family

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