When it comes to the small bathroom decoration, there are many things that should be considered

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From the color scheme, lighting, storage, and bathroom fixtures that suit the limited space. And the important thing is don’t neglect the right tiles for the small bathroom. Because installing the right tiles will bring different nuance to your whole small bathroom look. There are many kinds of small bathroom tiles that you can use for your bathroom renovation, remodeling, or for those of you who want to start decorating your small bathroom. Here are some ideas that you can adopt.
White Tiles for Opened Impression
Opt for installing white tiles in your small bathroom. The white tiles will bring a bright nuance and make an open impression. You can choose subway tiles and install them on the walls. For the floor, you can install the patterned tiles based on white color. The simple patterned tiles will create a surprisingly spacious feel and avoid a boring look.

The combination of white subway tiles on the walls and geometric tiles on the floor accent this small bathroom so that it will present a bright and airy decor. The lighting also presents a spacious appearance to the room. This gray vanity cabinet will add some color to this small bathroom. You can add greenery in the corner of the room to give the room a fresh look. White subway tiles walls from nextluxury.

Decorating this small bathroom in white shades creates the perfect space and will give your bathroom a spacious and airy look. Choosing white subway tile for wall and penny floor tile will bring an attractive look. A small bathroom with a white ceiling also provides the perfect room decoration. White subway tile and penny floor tile from nextluxury.
Large Tiles Will Work Well
Trust me that the large tiles will work well for the small bathroom. The large tiles will create a bigger impression than the actual size. You can install this tile for the floor or walls. Combine it with an interesting wallpaper will take your eyes off the size of the actual bathroom.

Large ceramic tiles are the perfect choice to create the illusion of spacious and wide space in this small bathroom. You can use a glass divider to give the illusion of a large room. Combined with the all-white bathroom and black accents on the towel rack, the shower and glass frames give the illusion of a contrasting room. Large ceramic tiles from realhomes.

The idea of using large marble ceramic tiles will make the perfect room decoration. You can apply it to floors and walls to create an attractive bathroom. Using a glass divider and applying a large mirror will present spacious and bright room decor. This floating wooden sink adds color to this all-white bathroom. Large marble ceramic tiles from realhomes.
Geometric Pattern for Visual Interest
Geometric pattern sounds good for the small bathroom tile ideas. The pattern is able to create visual interest. This idea is effective at tricking the eye of the actual size of the bathroom. You won’t focus on the small size of your bathroom because the geometric tile motifs will catch your eye.

This geometric patterned tile floor accentuates this all-white bathroom. Using white subway wall tiles and wooden furniture will present an attractive bathroom appearance. Wooden storage and wall towel racks will clean up the room and keep it tidy and clutter-free. Sconce lamps and chandeliers make for the perfect and inviting light. Geometric patterned tile floor on small bathroom from realhomes.

Making your bathroom ceiling feel higher can create the illusion that the room is bigger. You can use geometric patterned floor tiles which are the perfect choice in this bedroom. Painting the half wall in blue is a perfect choice. Combined with half a white wall it will create a modern feeling to your bathroom. Combining with a vintage pink bathtub and blue cabinets for an eye-catching look. Geometric patterned floor tiles from realhomes.
White and Black To Add Drama
White and black are the timeless colors for everything even for the bathroom tiles. And if you want to install these tiles for your small bathroom, this is a good idea. The white and black tiles are able to add drama to your small bathroom. You can opt for installing the white color for the wall and for the floor you can choose the black one. Combining white subway tiles and black hexagon creates a sophisticated look.

The perfect contrast comes with this small bathroom design. Using black ceramic floor tiles and white subway tiles on the walls will create a room full of drama. Don’t forget to add a sink equipped with a large wooden-framed mirror to create a bright and airy room. Planting green in this pot gives the impression of a fresh and natural room. Black ceramic tiles and white subway tiles from nextluxury.

These black tiles and white subway tiles provide the perfect contrast to make for interesting room decor. All-white furniture and black accents on this faucet and mirror frame make for the perfect look. You can also add a storage basket to make a tidy bathroom and avoid clutter. Black tiles and white subway tiles from nextluxury.
Glossy Wall Tiles
Another small bathroom tile that you can choose is glossy tiles. This is a good idea to reflect the light in your small bathroom so that your room becomes brighter. Glossy tiles are becoming more popular because they are easy to clean. The tiles are good to install on the wall. They will work perfectly to make your small bathroom more comfortable.

Subway tile is still going strong as new colors emerge and different tiling techniques make for stunning bedroom decor. The options with subway tiles are endless, it makes for an attractive decoration of the room. The colored subway tile will really make a lasting impression if that’s what you want. You can embellish gold accents on faucets, flowerpots, towel racks, and wall lamps for a glamorous and elegant look. This idea offers a charming decoration for you to try. Glossy navy subway tiles from airtasker.

Applying glossy multi-colored fish scale tiles to a small bathroom makes an attractive room decor for you to try. This look takes you back to your Morrocan vacation and you admire these beautiful tiles. You can add a large, dark ceramic tile for the perfect contrast. This stand-alone bathtub and cut wood stool complement the décor of this room. Glossy multi-colored fish scale tiles from airtasker.

Those are some small bathroom tile ideas. Your small bathroom will be more stunning if you are installing the right tile. Follow those ideas above and happy decorating.

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