This recipe for canned oranges with cinnamon and cloves shows how to can oranges in a light syrup spiced with ground cinnamon and whole cloves

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This is a great way of preserving excess oranges from your garden or when they are in season especially if they are on the tart side.

Serve the spiced oranges cold on their own or they are wonderful with ice-cream. Well drained orange segments can also be placed in a single layer on top of a pound cake before baking for a fruity topping.

Three navel oranges will fill 2 one-pint jars. For larger quantities simply increase the syrup ingredients.

Makes 2 x 1 pint (500ml) Jars
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Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 35 minutes

Category: Canning

Cuisine: Southern

Servings: 6 Servings

3 Navel Oranges 1 Cup Sugar 1 Tsp. Cinnamon 1-pint (500ml) Water 10 Whole Cloves
First sterilise your jars then place in the oven to keep warm while you prepare the oranges and the syrup. Further information on sterilizing jars can be found at the end of this post. Next peel the oranges then remove as much as the white pith as you can. Divide the segments then set aside. It is best to try to keep the membrane intact or the juice from the segment will run into the syrup when it is processed. It doesn’t matter if a few are broken. Make the syrup by placing the sugar in a small saucepan then stir in the cinnamon. Add the water then bring to a boil while stirring. Reduce the heat then simmer for 5 minutes. Place a clove in the bottom of each jar then half fill with orange segments. Put another two cloves in each jar then fill to the top with the oranges. Add the last clove on top. Using a funnel pour the hot syrup into each jar leaving a ¼ inch (5mm) headroom. Tap the jars to remove any air bubbles. Secure the lids then place on a trivet in a tall saucepan. Cover the jars with water then cover the saucepan with a lid. Bring to a boil. Boil for 10 minutes then remove the jars from their water bath with tongs. Leave to cool. If you have used lids with a pressure button they will indent inwards as the jars cool indicating you have achieved an airtight seal.

If you are short like me it is easier to put the tall saucepan in the sink to be able to remove the jars.  I use tongs with rubber ends and have a tea towel ready to grab the jar as soon as it’s out of the water.

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Saving Money
If you love canning it makes sense to buy pantry basics such as sugar and plain white vinegar in bulk quantities. Most canning recipes take only a few ingredients to preserve fruit and vegetables. Keep sugar safe from pests by storing in bucket with a tight fitting lid such as this one from Amazon.
Sterilizing Jars and Lids
Place jars on a rack in a tall saucepan then fill each jar with hot water so they don’t float.  Continue filling the saucepan with water until the level is above the jars.  Place the lids in the water then bring to a boil.

Continue to boil for 10 minutes then remove from the heat and carefully take out of the water with clean tongs emptying the water out of the jars.  Place the jars and lids on a baking tray then place in a preheated oven at least 215°F (100°C) until ready to fill.

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