When it comes to everyday use, towels are some of the most important items in your home

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And when choosing the best towels, there are a lot of factors to consider. 
Are you more concerned with softness or durability?  Do you want oversized towels or towels that won’t take up a lot of room while drying on the back of your door?  Do you need to match the towel’s color to your decor or would you prefer an all-white collection of hotel-style towels?  Which material will feel best on your skin, absorb water the fastest, and last you the longest? Typically, cheaper towels are made from run-of-the-mill cotton, while the most absorbent bath towels are made from premium cotton (Turkish or Egyptian cotton) or microfiber fabric.
Regardless of your answers, most of us are fed up with low quality towels. If the best, most absorbent towels are at the top of your must-have list, we’re here to help. 

Finding the best towels that are also highly absorbent usually means a product on the thicker side. While thicker bath towels will absorb water fast, this also means they will usually take longer to dry. Having a large enough towel rack or enough time in between trips to the shower to allow your towel to fully dry is important. After all, a wet towel is never going to be as absorbent. Likewise, because the most absorbent bath towels naturally absorb more soap and body oils, they should be cleaned more often than regular bath towels.

When searching for the best absorbent bath towels, it’s important to understand the types of products available. For instance, did you know that towels come in one and two-ply? That’s right, toilet paper doesn’t get to have all the fun. Two-ply bath towels are more absorbent, but these resort-style towels can be on the pricier side.

In addition, you’ll need to understand the differences between the materials used to make bath towels and the various sizes in which they’re available.
What Are the Best Bath Towel Materials?
Perhaps the most important factor to take into account when buying bath towels is the material from which they are made. From cotton to microfiber, this can make a huge difference in your comfort levels.
Cotton Towels: Cotton is the most popular towel material. It’s commonly used to make terry cloth, which towel manufacturers utilize thanks to its absorbent and drying abilities. Cotton itself creates a soft product that is quite durable. Plus, cotton towels can often be found at a low price point. Egyptian Cotton Towels: Egyptian cotton differs from normal cotton in that it boasts longer and finer fibers. These weave together to create a durable and soft product that will stay fluffy for longer than a traditional cotton towel. In addition, Egyptian cotton tends to be quite porous, giving Egyptian cotton towels the ability to absorb water efficiently. This type of towel generally gets rave reviews from visitors when placed in a guest bathroom. Turkish Cotton Towels: Turkish cotton is similar to Egyptian cotton in that its fibers are longer than average and boast excellent softness and durability. However, Turkish cotton towels differ from Egyptian as the fibers are often woven tighter to give Turkish towels increased absorbency and a particular sheen. This material tends to create some of the best luxury towels available, according to user reviews. Blend Towels: Some manufacturers blend organic cotton with man-made fibers or bamboo to make towels with specific qualities, like high absorption, quick-drying abilities or mildew resistance. If you are looking for a towel to complete a certain task and don’t mind the use of synthetics, blends can be quite efficient. Bamboo Towels: Bamboo towels, which are also called rayon towels, are very absorbent and more environmentally friendly than others. That’s because bamboo grows easily and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals. This also means bamboo towels are hypoallergenic for people with skin sensitivities, and the towels maintain the antibacterial properties of bamboo. Microfiber Towels: Microfiber is made from manmade fibers which are split at the ends in order to create a highly absorbent material. This process gives microfiber towels an oddly soft and smooth feeling against the skin. And because the fibers are man-made, microfiber tends to be stronger and longer-lasting than cheap cotton towels. However, microfiber does create a thin towel that might not feel as luxurious against the skin. Bath Towel Sizes
After you’ve decided which material you like most for your towels, you’ll need to decide which bath towel sizes you need. These can be split into five different groups, with bath sheets as the largest and washcloths as the smallest. Typically, when replacing your bathroom linens, you can purchase towel sets with a combination of various sizes.
Bath Sheet: Bath sheets are essentially oversized bath towels that will make you feel like a king every time you step out of the shower. They’re great for keeping you warm or for covering larger bodies. Bath sheets generally measure more than 35 inches wide by more than 60 inches long. Bath Towel: A bath towel is what you would normally use to dry yourself after a bath or a shower. These are available in a variety of sizes, but they usually measure between 25 and 30 inches wide and between 50 and 60 inches long. Hand Towel: Hand towels are both functional and decorative. They’re designed for drying hands after washing and usually hang beside the bathroom sink. Therefore, you should ensure your hand towel is big enough to handle your entire household yet attractive enough to sit out in the open in your bathroom. These types of towels commonly measure 16 to 18 inches wide by 28 to 30 inches long. Finger Towel: Finger towels are similar to hand towels but slightly smaller and more decorative. They are made to sit next to a sink for quickly drying your fingers, and they are particularly useful if you don’t have somewhere to hang a hand towel. Finger towels have a standard width and length of 11 by 18 inches. Washcloth: Slightly different from the rest of the towels on our list, washcloths are not meant for drying. Instead, they are to be used wet with soap to clean your body. These “towels” generally stay in the shower or bathtub, drying only between uses. They can also be used for cleaning the bathroom if necessary. A typical washcloth measures 13 by 13 inches. How To Choose the Best Bath Towels:
So what are we looking for in the best bath towels? We’re looking for bath towels that get you dry quickly, are reasonably priced, can survive multiple trips through the washing machine, and dry in a reasonable amount of time. Plus, they should be soft. Like, really soft.

So what are the best, most absorbent towels? We’ve combed through the reviews to find the 15 best luxury towels for you to consider.
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